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Elleda Wilson

Editorial Assistant
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Wilson, Elleda

In One Ear: Going home

- Svea-Jade is on her way

In One Ear: Just don’t

- Mulling over some 1876 Astoria laws

In One Ear: Peacock Spit claims the SS Admiral Benson

- Intercoastal steamship runs aground near Cape Disappointment

In One Ear: Happy Birthday, Oregon

- A few odd Oregon facts

In One Ear: If you build, it they will come

- Jesse Chuck Day makes tree swallows welcome

In One Ear: Think pink

- Law and outerwear

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from long ago

In One Ear: Satellites save lives

- Satellites help with land, sea, air rescues

In One Ear: ‘Rustic and hip’

- Astoria added to TripAdvisor list of small cities to visit

In One Ear: Local brevities

- News and notes from 1884

In One Ear: Searching for the Mauna Ala

- Bar pilot seeks help finding exact location of 1941 shipwreck

In One Ear: So there

- Hedgehogs know best

In One Ear: Rescuing Rimas

- Missing sailor Rimas Meleshyus reappears

In One Ear: All aboard

- Titanic expedition has slots available

In One Ear: Help for Blake Malo

- Former Seaside resident injured in helicopter crash

In One Ear: She’s baaack

- Wreck of the Emily G. Reed reappears

In One Ear: Looking for Oscar

- One small clue pops up in the search for Oscar Ström

In One Ear: How sweet it is

- Ex-pat chef makes miles of pies

In One Ear: Help save the furbabies

- Help keep Onyx and Bubba with their family

In One Ear: Mr. Boelling

- One of Oregon’s ‘sturdiest pioneers’ mourned in Astoria

In One Ear: Power to spare

- D-Day ship finds new life as passenger ferry

In One Ear: The kindness of strangers

- Astorians find new pals in Vegas

In One Ear: Guess who’s coming for dinner

- Sea lion wanders into town for a visit

In One Ear: Meet Jack

- Rescued lab beagle finds home and love in Astoria

In One Ear: Saildrones set sail

- Australia sends drones to study the Southern Ocean

In One Ear: Unexpected encounter

- New denizens spotted on Wireless Road

In One Ear: He cared

- Alaska resident on remote island becomes Internet hit

In One Ear: When the rooster crows …

- Ships and barnyards don’t mix

In One Ear: What is it?

- Mystery object found on beach

In One Ear: Where are you, Mishawaka?

- Lost town found

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from 1897

In One Ear: Sweet Svea-Jade

- Seaside family needs help with expenses

In One Ear: ‘A delight to fly’

- World’s first drone rescue happens in Australia

In One Ear: Unexpected kindness

- Note brightens Coast Guard vet’s day

In One Ear: Where’s Oscar?

- British woman looking for long-lost Astoria relative

In One Ear: Read a good book lately?

- Literary scraps found on pirate vessel

In One Ear: Goodbye, Alice

- French ship wrecks on Ocean Park beach in 1909

In One Ear: Let’s make a dent

- Free spay/neuter offered by Feral Cat Coalition

In One Ear: Notes from 1883

- News from Astoria in the early 1880s

In One Ear: A visitor’s view

- A San Franciscan visits Astoria in 1885

In One Ear: Giving an account

- Try Washington Irving’s ‘Astoria’ to pass the time

In One Ear: Can you hear me now?

- Japanese government works to improve disaster communications

In One Ear: Astoria Ferry makes a move

- New temporary digs for the Astoria Ferry

In One Ear: Lobster lunch

- Jellyfish found to be unexpected food source

In One Ear: ‘The everlasting point’

- Seattle Times writer steamrolls through Astoria

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from 1888

In One Ear: Toe-tappin’ on a tall ship

- Macklemore visits Lady Washington

In One Ear: Mystery man

- Search for woman’s father starts in Astoria

In One Ear: New look for Goonies book

- Mick Alderman’s book gets a new translation

In One Ear: ‘Most amazing’

- Unlikely partners: an octopus and a shipwreck