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Elleda Wilson

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Wilson, Elleda

In One Ear: Angel found an angel

- Senior cat gets new lease on life

In One Ear: Good-bye Sharksville

- USS Shark’s crew settles uncomfortably into Astoria

In One Ear: Thrift shop treat

- Woman finds local art at Goodwill store

In One Ear: Bottoms up

- German waiter breaks world beer carrying record

In One Ear: Cannon Beach has character

- Cannon Beach named one of five small towns ‘worth a visit’

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from 1887

In One Ear: Last picture show

- Gearhart’s Sunset Drive-in evokes fond memories

In One Ear: The sword in the stones

- Thousand-year-old Viking sword found in Norwegian mountains

In One Ear: Help the Lescene family

- GoFundMe account set up for family of man who fell off cliff in Oswald West State Park

In One Ear: Turkey town

- Town overrun by turkeys ponders a solution

In One Ear: The road to Sharksville

- USS Shark survivors move to Astoria

In One Ear: Angel needs an angel

- Senior cat needs a safe home

In One Ear: Back in the Goondocks

- “The Goonies” stars reunite for dinner

In One Ear: For sale: Big Red

- Historic fishing industry building on the Columbia River is on the market

In One Ear: Calling all Norwegians

- It’s time for the annual Alt for Norge casting call

In One Ear: Around the town

- Newsy notes from 1896

In One Ear: The demise of the USS Shark

- Ship over troubled waters; Columbia River bar claims Navy schooner

In One Ear: Newsy notes

- News tidbits from 1884

In One Ear: I’ve got a bridge to sell you

- Fukushima governor puts on his sales hat

In One Ear: Never start stopping

- Paddler Freya Hoffmeister crosses the Columbia River bar

In One Ear: Chicken on a bike

- Pet chicken goes for the cycling life

In One Ear: If you build it, will they come?

- Record-breaking sand castle reaches new heights in Germany

In One Ear: In the trenches

- Goonie movie wardrobe item goes up for auction

In One Ear: Leapin’ labels

- Washington brewer launches high tech marketing

In One Ear: Back on the bounding main

- Sailboat Havorn gets a new lease on life

In One Ear: Is that you, Astoria?

- Puzzling review of Astoria needs review

In One Ear: Lend a hand

- Wildlife Center needs help caring for baby murres

In One Ear: Honorable mention

- Oregon’s first Labor Day gets short shrift

In One Ear: Labor of love

- Labor Day’s beginnings

In One Ear: Drone on, Iceland

- Iceland starts fast drone delivery for takeout food

In One Ear: History mystery: H.L. Hunley

- What happened to the crew of a Civil War submarine?

In One Ear: Cubism

- Enoch Gray is a Rubik’s Cube solving champ

In One Ear: Rimas: Phone home

- Sailor Rimas Meleshyus out of communication

In One Ear: Happy campers

- Doggie School Bus goes viral

In One Ear: The heart of the matter

- Whale’s heart preserved by Canadian museum

In One Ear: On the road to fame

- Country singing teenager Cheyenne Stapleton tries out for American Idol

In One Ear: Solved: A 72-year mystery

- World War II Navy cruiser USS Indianapolis found at last

In One Ear: Beach blanket blackmail

- Keep those ankles covered!

In One Ear: Bunny brigade

- Bunnies here, bunnies there, bunnies everywhere

In One Ear: Notes from Ilwaco

- Newsy snippets from 1888

In One Ear: Wall to wall

- Solar glass blocks can replace building walls

In One Ear: Sahara power

- Huge solar farm project in the works for Sahara Desert

In One Ear: Around the town

- Snippets of life in Astoria in August, 1889

In One Ear: Be a citizen scientist

- Help collect data by observing animal behavior during the eclipse

In One Ear: Natural selection

- White moose spotted in Sweden

In One Ear: Catch the sun

- You don’t have to go south to get a good view of the total solar eclipse

In One Ear: There’s an app for that

- Watch the eclipse while staying out of traffic

In One Ear: Finding D.B. Cooper

- Possible new evidence turns up in D.B. Cooper cold case

In One Ear: Be an angel for Angels for Sara

- Senior dog sanctuary holds fundraiser rummage/bake sale

In One Ear: Dear FutureMe

- Sit right down and write yourself a letter