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Elleda Wilson

Editorial Assistant
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Wilson, Elleda

In One Ear: Early arrival

- Astoria couple gets a surprise

In One Ear: Bread bandits

- Toronto woman confronts masked miscreants

In One Ear: He likes it

- Alaska brewery makes kelp-based beer

In One Ear: The tuba-dours

- Port guests treated to unexpected concert

In One Ear: What’s in a name? Vexation.

- Street name causes confusion

In One Ear: Back to Baja

- Stubborn miniboat won’t go west

In One Ear: Beer glue

- New packaging helps reduce plastic waste

In One Ear: Cornersville revisited

- What happened to an almost town?

In One Ear: Flavel to the rescue

- The misadventures of Oriole

In One Ear: Awful

- Which web is it?

In One Ear: Cupola makeover

- New exhibit joins Artifact Alley

In One Ear: What is it?

- Something yucky this way comes

In One Ear: Googly eyes

- Fishy fraud

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from 1888

In One Ear: Do you know Mario?

- Young woman seeks biological father

In One Ear: Back to Baja

- Misadventures of a miniboat

In One Ear: ‘It makes you feel good’

- Brownsmead’s Smileys give D.C. boy smiles

In One Ear: Bigfoot in the news

- Catching up with Sasquatch

In One Ear: ‘It was my home’

- Musician left homeless on Del Rey Beach

In One Ear: Titanic timepiece sold

- Watch joins Miottel Museum collection

In One Ear: Reluctant traveler

- Miniboat Boat-A-Lahti awaits relaunch

In One Ear: Finding Benny

- Several help with searches for missing puppy

In One Ear: A heap of calamari

- Giant squid found on New Zealand beach

In One Ear: Good news/bad news

- Astoria and Oregon get some online attention

In One Ear: Queen of the Pacific

- Steamer runs aground on Clatsop Spit

In One Ear: Pen pals

- Two women continue 60-year correspondence

In One Ear: Happy? Or not.

- Push button ratings rule

In One Ear: Sea bottom brew

- Life saving crew finds unexpected treat

In One Ear: William Murray tells all

- The Haddingtonshire runs aground

In One Ear: Saved by the drone

- Lifeguard drone flies to the rescue

In One Ear: Book tour detour

- Author helps define Finnish custom

In One Ear: In remembrance of kindness

- Another Titanic auction is in the works

In One Ear: A fluke

- Odd weather

In One Ear: The art of adventure

- Kayaking the Columbia River: Source to Astoria

In One Ear: You can’t fix stupid

- Senseless selfies

In One Ear: From sea to shining sea

- Brothers Across America complete their ride

In One Ear: Taking possession

- Capt. Biddle’s plaques

In One Ear: Titanic timepiece

- Historic pocket watch up for bids

In One Ear: Picking up pufflings

- Couple saves pufflings in Newfoundland

In One Ear: A huge difference

- Local police officer and dispatcher help California family

In One Ear: The right Larry

- A case of mistaken identity

In One Ear: The secret family

- DNA test reveals surprising results

In One Ear: Fishing at the falls

- Brown bears show anglers how it’s done

In One Ear: A gentler, kinder way

- New deep-sea research tool seems promising

In One Ear: Still proud

- Polar ship Maud returns home

In One Ear: Something of beauty

- Flowers brighten 11th Street

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from 1888

In One Ear: Super beautiful

- Bobcats seen around Astoria

In One Ear: Paying it forward: Skål!

- Prize winner donates $1,000 to new Scandinavian park

In One Ear: Dislocated delivery

- Clown car comes home