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Elleda Wilson

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Wilson, Elleda

In One Ear: Pushing the envelope

- Royal Carribean’s largest cruise ship sets sail

In One Ear: No news is … no news

- The “Goonie 2” question pops up. Again.

In One Ear: Anchors away

- Astoria anchor winds up in Kansas

In One Ear: Monumental meltdown?

- Arctic sculpture proposed to prove a point

In One Ear: ‘Speak proper like wot I does’

- Strictly speaking

In One Ear: Around the town

- Newsy notes from 1888

In One Ear: Dapper, even in death

- Titanic takes the life of John Jacob Astor IV

In One Ear: A multipurpose tool

- Coast Guard search and rescue software saves lives

In One Ear: Are you a mountain man?

- Casting call

In One Ear: You’ve got mail

- USPS has preview mail service

In One Ear: Around the town

- Newsy notes from 1887

In One Ear: Unlucky dates

- Eleven other dates more unlucky than the 13th

In One Ear: A different perspective

- CCC lecturer Julie Brown

In One Ear: Think pink, Part 2

- Law and outerwear redux

In One Ear: Be careful what you wish for

- A cautionary tale

In One Ear: Is that you, Nessie?

- Strange critter found on Georgia beach

In One Ear: Leave the fuzzy ones alone

- Be careful which sand dollar you take home

In One Ear: Around the town

- Newsy notes from 1885

In One Ear: Gimme shelter, please

- Tsunami pod pops up at Planter Box

In One Ear: Taking exception

- The Columbia Press rolls on

In One Ear: Join the crew

- Feature film needs to fill positions

In One Ear: Go west, young boat, go west

- The misadventures of Boat-a-Lahti

In One Ear: Remains of the day

- Astoria fire remnant found in basement

In One Ear: History is mapped out

- Bird’s-eye view given with historical maps

In One Ear: ‘A miracle bird’

- Homing pigeon finds new home

In One Ear: Bet on the cat

- Orlando the cat makes big bucks on stock market

In One Ear: Columbian newsy notes

- Tidbits from a 1977 newspaper

In One Ear: Wandering whale

- Whale makes detour into Nehalem Bay

In One Ear: Perfectly pearl

- Oysterville oyster reveals a gem

In One Ear: Star power

- Maersk ship logo is beacon of hope

In One Ear: Mush!

- Norwegian wins the Iditarod

In One Ear: No. 9

- North Coast gets some media love

In One Ear: Seeing eye to eye

- The Decorah eagles are nesting again

In One Ear: Bigfoot is real?

- Bigfoot, in the news again

In One Ear: ‘Drifting 3.11 postbox’

- Cafe owner puts up mailbox for loved ones of tsunami victims

In One Ear: ‘Beyond control of man’

- Ship Glenmorag runs aground off Washington

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes of 1893

In One Ear: Eagle update

- Injured eagle at Fort Stevens brought in for treatment

In One Ear: Moving history

- Old counter has new home at Liberty Theatre

In One Ear: Where is Joel’s family?

- Funeral home needs to find a man’s next of kin

In One Ear: Keep an eagle eye out

- Help find bird on the beach; needs medical attention

In One Ear: 13,000 and counting

- Watch chicks hatch on the Chick Cam

In One Ear: Requiem for an explorer

- Astoria couple attend Antarctica explorer’s interment

In One Ear: Visiting nurse

- Nurse in training takes service course in Vietnam

In One Ear: ‘Terrible wreck’

- Barque Industry destroyed on Columbia River bar

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Glimpses of life in 1889

In One Ear: What trees?

- Trees are vanishing in widespread clearcuts

In One Ear: Early arrivals

- The whales aren’t waiting for Whale Watch Week

In One Ear: Have you seen Scott?

- Mary Lund seeks old school friend

In One Ear: Oh, baby!

- Talk about a dramatic entrance …