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Elleda Wilson

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Wilson, Elleda

In One Ear: ‘It’s everything about my wife’

- World Wife Carrying Champions win in Finland

In One Ear: Spreading love

- Buddhists with a mission visit West Mooring Basin

In One Ear: Scooter scuffle

- Ronni Harris and her scooter make the news

In One Ear: Capt. Menes and the shifting sands

- French ship founders on Columbia River Bar

In One Ear: Disney discovers Astoria

- Disney Cruise Line comes to the North Coast in September

In One Ear: A little reminder

- Old postcard of Warrenton found in Pennsylvania

In One Ear: Thirteenth thoughts

- Friday the 13th tidbits to ponder

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from 1888

In One Ear: Make a day of it

- Tuesday is a busy day

In One Ear: Too much

- Lighthouse keeper resigns

In One Ear: A new standard

- Largest U.S.-built container ship christened

In One Ear: ‘It’s me!’

- Ken Swanson’s reunion surprise

In One Ear: A typical little boy

- Seaside family needs help with medical expenses

In One Ear: ‘Skyscraper’ and the plastic peril

- Sculpture a statement about litter-laden oceans

In One Ear: Fiery footnote

- Bartender sues vigilantes

In One Ear: ‘He has joined the majority’

- Capt. George Flavel meets his maker

In One Ear: Snappy retorts

- A chance to sharpen your lexicon

In One Ear: ‘Staggered by Astoria’

- Astoria makes it in the UK

In One Ear: A lurking enemy

- Fort Stevens fired upon during World War II

In One Ear: Pieces of shipwrecks

- OPB show examines Columbia bar history

In One Ear: A challenging maneuver

- Volvo Penta unveils new technology for yachts

In One Ear: Goble or bust

- Astoria to Goble — not an easy journey

In One Ear: Around the town

- Newsy notes from 1893

In One Ear: Making a difference, step by step

- Bud Rigoulot walks to Texas to help hungry children

In One Ear: Sweet cases for hard times

- ‘A child’s belongings are never trash’

In One Ear: Four ‘Best Places’

- Flipkey flips over the North Coast

In One Ear: Kona is still missing

- Beloved pet lost May 8 has not been found

In One Ear: ‘Wish you were here’

- Titanic postcard up for auction in July

In One Ear: One in 100 million

- Fisherman catches ultra-rare lobster

In One Ear: If only it could talk …

- Mystery cannonball found on 16th Street

In One Ear: ‘An ideal place’

- Bayocean Spit redux

In One Ear: ‘The playground of millionaires’

- The rise and demise of Bayocean

In One Ear: Saving Fred

- Fish market owner rescues 70-pound octopus

In One Ear: Please fence me in

- Help Fences for Fido help Whiskey and Tank

In One Ear: Free the whales

- Drones help untangle whales from ocean debris

In One Ear: Sea View House

- Husband’s dream hotel ‘terrorized’ by nightmare wife

In One Ear: Lamayzie’s tale

- Sole survivor tells story of Tonquin’s demise

In One Ear: Still ‘in the spirit’

- Four brothers, now three

In One Ear: Goonie overload

- So many questions

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from 1881

In One Ear: Ten states, 4,300 miles

- Trans Am Bike Race heads to Virginia

In One Ear: My goodness

- Vernonia woman wins big with scratch-it ticket

In One Ear: Titanic tidbits

- Recent news snippets about the RMS Titanic

In One Ear: ‘It’s like a miracle’

- Injured local pup gets helping hands

In One Ear: Name that ’toon

- Astorian makes finalist in The New Yorker caption contest

In One Ear: ‘Bye Bye Birdie’

- Astoria High School rocks Broadway musical in 1970

In One Ear: This ’n that Goonies

- Odds and ends of Goonies trivia

In One Ear: Think pink

- Magenta containership hits the waves

In One Ear: Four Brothers Across America

- Fraternity brothers tackle the Transamerica Trail

In One Ear: ‘The power of positivity’

- Cyrus ‘Squishy’ Churches is a hero