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Wilson, Elleda

In One Ear: Sea lions mark the spot

- What’s at the tip of the South Jetty?

In One Ear: Living the dream

- Rimas Meleshyus Kon-Tikis his way through the South Pacific

In One Ear: For sale: Titanic collection

- Collection of thousands of Titanic artifacts hits the auction block

In One Ear: Grabbing attention for PKU

- Missouri bicyclist hits the trail to raise funds and awareness for genetic disorder

In One Ear: Are you there, Amelia?

- Dogs specializing in sniffing out human remains sent to remote island to find Amelia Earhart

In One Ear: ‘You’re looking at death’

- Tallest tsunami on record hit Lituya Bay, Alaska

In One Ear: The last word in elegance

- Side-wheeler T. J. Potter ruled the Columbia

In One Ear: Short takes

- Newsy notes from summer, 1889

In One Ear: Overheard

- So very Astoria

In One Ear: ‘Sisterhood dream’

- Mannequin mystery solved

In One Ear: Sunshine on memories

- Fernhill Glass creates keepsake glass plate

In One Ear: Handsome boys

- Group of bucks spotted near Niagara Avenue

In One Ear: Clown Car comes home

- Astoria Clown Car, stuck out in the desert for decades, coming home to Astoria

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from 1890

In One Ear: Stay away from big ships

- Educational literature for maritime enthusiasts

In One Ear: Norman saves the day

- Blind Labrador retriever saves drowning girl

In One Ear: Giving back

- Fix-it-Troy auctions table to benefit local couple

In One Ear: An inglorious fate

- Lightship Vessel 50, first Coast Guard lightship on the Pacfic Coast

In One Ear: Charming Astoria

- Astoria ranks in top 10 of 998 mid-sized cities

In One Ear: ‘Still amazed’

- Enormous sturgeon found on Klamath River

In One Ear: This little piggy came home

- Toe-napping case resolved

In One Ear: Short takes

- Newsy notes from 1888

In One Ear: Crowd favorite

- Astoria Clown Car a hit at Summertime Cruisin’ event

In One Ear: Put a sock on it. Please.

- Missing toe causes furor in Alaska town

In One Ear: Still running

- After running across Canada, Susane Gillum tackles a U.S. run

In One Ear: Bon voyage!

- Ailing pelicans are well, and ready for release

In One Ear: Scotch broom rebellion

- Unloved plant finds some long-awaited appreciation

In One Ear: ‘Back into oblivion’

- Ultra-rare two-headed baby porpoise found in North Sea

In One Ear: Ghost town

- Frankfort was a bad bet

In One Ear: Lucky find

- Cutter McCullough found after sinking 100 years ago

In One Ear: Ewwww

- Drones capture whale effluvia for study

In One Ear: Heartbreaker

- El Corazon washes up in Cannon Beach

In One Ear: A thorny demise

- Greed does in Astor’s ship Tonquin

In One Ear: Sailors need not apply

- Autonomous shipping gets a start in Norway next year

In One Ear: Salty talk

- OPB inteviews Columbia River Bar Pilots for Oregon Field Guide

In One Ear: Wanted: Commercial tuna fishermen

- Pilgrim Studios seeks tuna fishermen for new TV show

In One Ear: Flashy cash

- Norway’s central bank releases new, maritime-themed banknotes

In One Ear: The Mother of Father’s Day

- The origins of Father’s Day

In One Ear: Around town

- Tidbits from The Daily Morning Astorian, 1888

In One Ear: No harm, no fowl

- Beware of cuddly chickens

In One Ear: Eggsactly

- Washington father-daughter duo crack eggs with Gordon Ramsay

In One Ear: Land of the floating sun

- China boost green energy with new floating solar power plant

In One Ear: No, no and no

- Trans America Bike Race left from Astoria Saturday

In One Ear: RFK visits Astoria

- Robert F. Kennedy Jr. visits Astoria and the Iredale Shipwreck in 1968

In One Ear: Capt. Corno’s last chance

- W.B. Scranton breaks up off Sand Island in 1866

In One Ear: Back to basics

- Portland approves construction of 12-story wood high-rise

In One Ear: Bigger and better?

- New World Class cruise ships tops the list

In One Ear: Kon-Tiki drifter

- Rimas Meleshyus pursues his dream of sailing around the world. Again.

In One Ear: Just ducky

- Festival of Sails adds new attraction

In One Ear: Warm welcome

- A group of fundraising bicyclists check into the Warming Center