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Wilson, Elleda

In One Ear: ‘Pennoyer’s Thanksgiving Howl’

- Gov. Pennoyer’s proclamation aggravates just about everyone

In One Ear: High and dry

- OSU plans new building in tsunami zone

In One Ear: Tales of the town

- Newsy notes from 1896

In One Ear: One for the books

- Book hunters find hidden treasures

In One Ear: Unbeaten path to Fukushima

- Group from media company explores empty cities around Fukushima

In One Ear: Galena runs aground

- British bark Galena, lost in fog, founders on Clatsop Spit

In One Ear: FlightAware

- Track global airline flights and check delays online

In One Ear: Air for Barry

- North Coast couple fundraising to buy portable oxygen machine

In One Ear: Where is Derbyville?

- Makeshift town disappears into history

In One Ear: Sail on

- Another mini-boat sets sail

In One Ear: An MU69 by any other name …

- KBO MU69 needs a nickname

In One Ear: Aim for the stars

- Ancient astrolabe found in 1503 shipwreck

In One Ear: Dear John

- Letters from Jefferson to Astor highlight trade in the early 1800s

In One Ear: Tales of the town

- Newsy notes from 1888

In One Ear: Doe in distress

- Astoria Police Department helps rescue deer

In One Ear: Wayward helmet

- Time capsule disappears for nine years

In One Ear: Shoo!

- California coastal town outsmarts sea lions. For now.

In One Ear: Rare image

- Historian finds early 1900s local photo at antique expo

In One Ear: Save me, Astoria

- Marianas Trench digs Astoria

In One Ear: Tales of the Town

- Newsy notes from 1889

In One Ear: ‘A good, clean pastime’

- Fishing without fish

In One Ear: Time lapse

- Bob Swenson runs first official lap around Patriot Hall’s new indoor track

In One Ear: A random act of kindness

- Good-hearted stranger brings joy to Seaside girl

In One Ear: A sight to see

- Bark Peter Iredale wrecks at Clatsop Spit

In One Ear: The medium has the message

- Famous spiritualist visits Astoria

In One Ear: Listening on the wind

- Talking to the dearly departed

In One Ear: Is that you, Bigfoot?

- Bigfoot family runs amok in Fresno County

In One Ear: Ghostly hangouts

- Ghost hunting close to home

In One Ear: Horror shows

- Settle in for a horror fest on Halloween

In One Ear: One last tweet

- Last words, twitter-style

In One Ear: Tunneling for ghosts

- Paranormal investigator goes underground in Astoria

In One Ear: Come back to Larrabee Street, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

- Vampira channels James Dean

In One Ear: ‘I want to sail 100 years’

- Wayward sailor believed lost at sea arrives in Saipan

In One Ear: Hide the baby penguins

- Aggressive polar bird found on North Coast

In One Ear: Things that go pop in the night

- Celebrate popcorn, one of the world’s oldest snacks

In One Ear: Buying the farm (in 350 words or less)

- Alaska couple holds essay contest to ‘sell’ their farm

In One Ear: Marine curiosity

- Seaweed mystery found on North Coast beach

In One Ear: Andy’s adventures in Astoria

- KPTV’s Andy Carson

In One Ear: She’s got your number

- Astoria remapping changes street numbers, adds confusion

In One Ear: Holverson’s letter

- Passenger’s letter gives a glimpse of life on the Titanic

In One Ear: It’s in the bag

- Early 1900s bakery bag found in Gearhart

In One Ear: A challenging ride

- Peter Marsh, Astoria writer and photographer, bikes from Kansas City to Salt Lake City

In One Ear: Pull up and tune in

- Halloween light display up and running in Warrenton

In One Ear: The Olney Lottery

- Lottery helps develop Astoria

In One Ear: Treasure trove

- A stockpile of history awaits in the Astoria Library basement

In One Ear: Finn films

- History treat: A series of short films about Finns in the U.S.

In One Ear: Pieces of history

- Astoria dig yields old coins

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Notes from 1888

In One Ear: Goonie treasures

- Prop Store in London auctions Goonie memorabilia

In One Ear: School daze

- Denmark school takes sustainability seriously