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Elleda Wilson

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Wilson, Elleda

In One Ear: Unexpected cargo

- Not your average pickup load

In One Ear: Bread, milk and a lifeboat

- Seven-Eleven Japan equips three stores with lifeboats

In One Ear: Baby Tea rules the roost

- Little chick in Naselle earns big title

In One Ear: Jeremiah’s note

- Titanic message in a bottle

In One Ear: What is that?

- Odd-looking marine life found on crab pot

In One Ear: The wreck of the Alaskan

- The Alaskan goes down off the Oregon coast in 1889

In One Ear: Lost and found

- Long lost friends reunited at last

In One Ear: Daisy’s wheels

- Daisy the dog gets fitted for a wheelchair

In One Ear: Whispering whales

- New study finds how baby humpback whales communicate with their mothers

In One Ear: Ugly duckling no more

- Making a superyacht from a container ship

In One Ear: Where’s Jeane Lake?

- Jeane Lake, where are you?

In One Ear: Not so smooth sailing

- Life-saving service notes from the late 1800s

In One Ear: Mystery dock

- Forty-foot dock slides into Long Beach

In One Ear: Beach ghoul

- Vampira vamps it up at the beach

In One Ear: Downtime with Jim Knight

- Port of Astoria’s Jim Knight featured in Oregon Business magazine

In One Ear: Nostalgia time

- Add your captions to old Astoria High School photos

In One Ear: What’s new under the sun

- New double-image eclipse postage stamp goes on sale June 20

In One Ear: Al Jazeera calling

- Al Jazeera tracks down expatriate chef for an interview

In One Ear: World War II comes to Oregon

- Japanese balloon bomb lands in Oregon with tragic results

In One Ear: The Amazing Maple

- Dog on bucket list trip leaves ‘buckets of happiness’ for other dogs

In One Ear: Go fly a kite

- Hood River man kiteboards up Mount St. Helens

In One Ear: Fido’s heroes

- TPJCC students and staff are heroes to Fences for Fido

In One Ear: Blowin’ in the wind

- Huge blades for Illinois wind farm pass through Longview

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from 1889

In One Ear: Save a forest

- Want to help buy and preserve a small forest?

In One Ear: Rhino rider

- Man tows rhinocerous replica down the West Coast to raise awareness of poaching

In One Ear: Put your coat on

- Titanic survivor’s fur coat hits the auction block

In One Ear: Wrecked butter

- News snippet about butter salvaged from a shipwreck

In One Ear: Well, I declare

- Another copy of the Declaration of Independence found in England

In One Ear: ‘One word: Plastics’

- New discovery: Worms who eat plastic

In One Ear: Town for sale

- Tiny Oregon town goes to highest bidder

In One Ear: Potty begone

- The joys of indoor plumbing arrives at the Opry Company

In One Ear: Need ice?

- Giant iceberg hovers near small coastal town

In One Ear: Real people wanted

- Marinella Hume Casting in Portland is looking for background actors

In One Ear: Goonie liaison

- An interview with Paul Gillum, liaison for Astoria during ‘The Goonies’ filming

In One Ear: ‘A very sweet history’

- Historic Astoria tug is on the market

In One Ear: From bumper to dinner plate

- Reef of tsunami debris forms, cycle of life continues

In One Ear: Tillamook hits the backlot

- Tillamook’s a finalist in Turner Movie Classics contest

In One Ear: Earthy thoughts

- Elementary school kids offer some Earth Day advice

In One Ear: The circus is coming

- Famous circus arrives in Astoria

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from 1884

In One Ear: Don’t fade away

- Titanic is gradually disappearing

In One Ear: Waiting around

- It’s a long wait for a new Tesla 3

In One Ear: Safe and sound

- Rescued cats need homes

In One Ear: In the beginning …

- Don’t forget April 12

In One Ear: Do you know Jayden?

- Lost family journal found

In One Ear: Tour the Titanic

- OceanGate is offering seats on a Titanic expedition

In One Ear: Close call

- William Clark’s incident on a dreadful road