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Elleda Wilson

Editorial Assistant
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Wilson, Elleda

In One Ear: Looking for answers

- Lights dance in St. Helens sky

In One Ear: A whale of a catch

- Fisherman hauls up an unusual find

In One Ear: Blubbery blast

- The whale fiasco lives on

In One Ear: The turkey’s revenge

- Beware of loaded platters

In One Ear: It’s Lidberg, not Lindbergh

- Local student finds little-known Astoria artist

In One Ear: Local brevities

- News around town in 1889

In One Ear: He chose kindness

- Being human

In One Ear: Believe: It’s possible

- Oldest shipwreck found in Black Sea

In One Ear: On the rocks

- Historical tidbit: Ballast

In One Ear: Plastic park

- Dutch find innovative use for river debris

In One Ear: Farewell, Cleopatra

- Aquarium star returns to the deep

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Out and about in 1888 Astoria

In One Ear: Fishy find

- Unusual sea creature washes up on Oregon beach

In One Ear: Making a change

- Interactive mural includes ‘Think Pink’ girls

In One Ear: And the winner is …

- 20 best state parks in Oregon

In One Ear: ‘A nickel’s worth’

- Andy Cier’s nickel back has a back story

In One Ear: Where’d it go?

- Island goes missing off Japanese coast

In One Ear: Above and beyond

- Astoria Police Department sets shining example

In One Ear: Local brevity

- Halloween in 1885 Astoria

In One Ear: Headless chicken monster

- What’s that?

In One Ear: Horror movies galore

- For your viewing displeasure

In One Ear: Tempting fate?

- Titanic II under construction

In One Ear: ‘Can I get one?’

- Travels to Egypt, 1906-style

In One Ear: Photobombed by a ghost?

- Titanic photo mystery

In One Ear: Halloween triple play

- Local haunts

In One Ear: ‘I will try and change’

- Are you there, Mary?

In One Ear: A good deed

- Orion Acres gives horses a new life

In One Ear: Look up

- Stargazing

In One Ear: ‘Some kind of stick’

- Young girl finds old relic

In One Ear: Local brevities

- Newsy notes from 1888

In One Ear: Casting call

- ‘Trinkets’ needs background players, stand-ins, cars

In One Ear: A good deed

- Orion Acres gives horses a new life

In One Ear: Honored and grateful

- Daughter accompanies father on Honor Flight

In One Ear: A souvenir of appreciation

- Several Titanic items hit the auction block Saturday

In One Ear: Clean ’em up

- System 001 heads for the Garbage Patch

In One Ear: Not a bad gig

- Mint issues call for artists

In One Ear: Call 911. Or not

- Hysteria on Puget Sound

In One Ear: ‘An amazing experience’

- Casting is open for ‘Alt for Norge’

In One Ear: Weighty matters

- Bears compete for heavyweight title

In One Ear: He was puzzled

- Fernglen runs around on Clatsop Spit

In One Ear: A happy day

- Bella finds her way home

In One Ear: A case of smallpox

- News from 1899

In One Ear: Call the Mounties

- Who do you call to rescue a giant fish?

In One Ear: One in 30 million

- Rare lobster caught off Maine coast

In One Ear: Local brevities

- News from 1883

In One Ear: Best people ever

- Seniors helped by new local program

In One Ear: Spooktacular

- DK Warren House lights up the neighborhood

In One Ear: A very fast sailer

- What happened to the J. C. Cousins?

In One Ear: Leif Erikson Day

- Get ready for Oct. 9

In One Ear: Bad things are happening

- ‘Ghost Adventures’ visits the PNW