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Three Seaside youth grapple way to U.S. tourney

Jiujitsu students earn medals.

A trio of local youth – Kaden Gilbert, Giovanny Ramirez and Cache Haggard – will head to Long Beach, Calif., in October, where the three Brazilian jiujitsu students will take part in the Kids National Championships.

The students of Adamson Brothers Jiu Jitsu Academy in Seaside – ages 13, 12 and 15, respectively – have been preparing mentally and physically for the last year to prepare themselves for the world’s best.

Gilbert, Ramirez and Haggard practice regularly, training four to five days a week at the academy, located at 1601 S. Roosevelt in Seaside.

Training for these young athletes includes group teens classes, adult advanced classes, as well as strength/conditioning and competition team training sessions.

Leading up to the event in Long Beach, Calif., the three world class competitors traveled to Los Angeles, Boise, Seattle and Portland, seeking to test their skills with the the best youth in the nation.

When this year’s installment of the Kids World Championships rolled around in San Bernardino, Calif., July 19-20, these competitors earned the prestigious title of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champions.

Gilbert won all of his matches that weekend, and became the youngest world champion to emerge from Oregon. Ramirez brought home two silver medals to add to his growing collection, and Haggard finished the weekend with one silver and one bronze medal.

“The amount of dedication, focus, self discipline and consistency required to achieve a feat of this caliber should not be overlooked,” said head instructor Zach Adamson. “All of these young men are amazing examples of what can be achieved when you set a goal, build a team around you that supports your goals and work diligently week in and week out. All the coaches and staff here at the academy are very proud of them.”

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