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Laurie Caplan re Lianne Thompson

Published on August 29, 2014 11:01AM

I applaud the positive, practical approach of Lianne Thompson, candidate for Clatsop County District 5, in South County. She won last May’s election, but that election has to be redone because of errors by the county election office.

When asked about the staff’s mistakes, she told The Daily Astorian, “We just have to learn how to look at what happened and say, ‘OK, how are we going to fix this going forward?’” (“Voters decide on new county commissioner,” Aug. 22). Well said.

I’ve worked with her on several projects and admire her problem-solving ability. She is eager to understand the concerns and ideas of others and to work cooperatively to find effective solutions. As a leader with the Community Emergency Response Teams and local ham radio clubs, she serves the entire county.

I hope South County voters will once again elect her so that all of us can benefit from her can-do spirit, her wide-ranging work and volunteer experience, and her commitment to our communities.

Meanwhile, I hope the county commissioners and county manager will ensure the integrity of our elections before the general election on Nov. 4 in a public and transparent manner. They need to inform the public what they will do to prevent or minimize such preventable errors. Candidates should not have to repeat the rigors of a political campaign because of staff errors.

Lianne Thompson will be an informed, principled, and responsible elected public servant. South County voters, please vote for her for county commissioner.

Laurie Caplan



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