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John Dunzer writes about the new population poll released by Portland State University

Published on June 12, 2017 2:39PM

The preliminary population forecast for Clatsop County cities has just been released by Portland State University. The State of Oregon has designated that public agencies are to use this estimate for land planning purposes over the next 14 years. On a county basis, Clatsop County with a present population of 38,100 will only add 4,000 people over the next 50 years; a sizable reduction from numbers prepared earlier by the county.

This is a very small population growth with Astoria and the unincorporated areas having almost no growth and Warrenton having almost all the future growth. Seaside, Gearhart and Cannon Beach will each only add several hundred new residents over the next 50 years.

Hopefully, this should put an end to plans by the City of Seaside and the Seaside School District to expand the urban growth boundary of Seaside. There is no need for additional land outside the existing urban boundaries for hundreds of new homes and businesses in Seaside.

There is also no need to expand the Seaside urban boundary for the new schools. There is a perfectly good solution to protecting the students from tsunamis and providing new upgraded school facilities that doesn’t require changing the urban boundary.

Why should, we the taxpayers, pay $40 million for student capacity growth when it’s not coming?

The State Land Use planning laws have successfully limited urban sprawl by making sure that growth boundaries are not ignored. Don’t let the City and the School District proceed with these misguided attempts to destroy the area’s farms and forests.

John Dunzer



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