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Bornstein Seafoods buys apartments for employees in Warrenton

Published on May 14, 2018 12:31PM

Last changed on May 14, 2018 4:27PM

WARRENTON — Bornstein Seafoods has purchased an apartment complex near its Warrenton Deep Sea market to help provide low-cost housing for employees.

The company formed Deep Sea Apartments LLC and hired Easom Property Management to manage the complex, mere feet from the seafood market.

Andrew Bornstein, co-owner of Bornstein Seafoods, said the purchase is another effort to become an employer of choice and help ease the housing crisis.

The seafood processor is using empty apartments in the building as a marketing tool to attract employees, he said, while allowing existing tenants to stay without a rent increase.

“We’ve had trouble being fully staffed during the surge of summer,” Bornstein said, adding that some workers will carpool in vans from Longview, Washington.

The company has made other moves to become more attractive to workers, he said, such as increasing wages to a minimum of $12 an hour, offering competitive benefits, improving hours and focusing on a culture of safety.


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