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The 25th season of Columbia Forum will begin on September 4, with an appearance of Blaine Harden, whose book Escape from Camp 14 gives us a rare look inside North Korea's extensive network of prison camps.

Inside the world's most enduring police state

Blaine Harding • September 4

Blaine Harden is author of "Escape from Camp 14," the story of Shin Dong-hyuk, who was born into a North Korean gulag and escaped. Harden's next book (out in 2015) will address the rationale behind North Korea's repression.

How the Civil Rights Act of 1964 has changed American families

Stephanie Coontz • October 8

Coontz wrote "The Way We Never Were" and other books about social dynamics of family live in 20th Century America. She teaches at Evergreen State College.

Tom McCall Reconsidered

Brent Walth • November 12

Walth is author of "Fire at Eden's Gate," the acclaimed biography of Oregon's legendary governor. Walth is managing editor of Willamette Week.

Conserving the Natural Heritage of the Columbia River

Glenn Lamb • February 12

Lamb is the executive director of the Columbia Land Trust.

A mid-term assessment from Oregon'schief law enforcement officer

Ellen Rosemblum • March 3

Rosenblum is Attorney General of Oregon.

Getting the inside story at Hanford

Anna King • April 30th

Based in Richland, Anna King covers the Hanford Nuclear Reservation for Northwest Public Radio.

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