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Published on October 28, 2016 12:01AM

On September 15, the 26th Columbia Forum season will begin with a dinner that IS the program. Chef Chris Holen's meal will be entirely from local producers. Teresa Retzlaff will talk about our region's burgeoning small farms economy. Retzlaff is proprietor of 46 North Farm and coordinator of the Northwest Food Web.  Our nod to the changing world of media will be Nigel Duara of the Los Angeles Times. “When the media becomes the story” will be Duara's topic. He covered the Ferguson, Missouri, demonstrations.  Our season will conclude in April when two of our region's most significant artists talk about their business. Eric Weigardt and Darren Orange will speak about the art of being a working artist.

From dirt to delicious:  Farms, produce, markets

Teresa Retzlaff • September 15

     Teresa Retzlaff is proprietor of 46 North Farm.  She is also coordinator of the North Coast Food Web.
     Chris Holen will draw the ingredients for this program's dinner from farms in our region.

When the media becomes the story

Nigel Duara • October 15

     Based in Tucson, Duara covers the border for the Los Angeles Times.  A Miami native, Duara was previously a reporter for the Associated Press in Portland.  He covered the Ferguson, Missouri, demonstrations.  He wrote about that experience in Oregon Humanities magazine. 

Outlook for the Oregon Economy in 2016

Joe Cortright • November 3

     Cortright is president and principal economist at Impresa Consulting of Portland.  His analysis of the economics of the Columbia River Crossing bridge appeared in Willamette Week. 

Understanding the value of sacred stories of mythologies

Tricia Gates Brown • February 18

     Nehalem-based Brown is author of books including “Spirit in the Writings of John” and “Jesus Loves Women: A Memoir of Body and Spirit.”

Recent shrinking of Washington park glaciers:

What does it mean?

Jon Riedel • March 15

    Based in the North Cascades National Park, the geologist Ridel is part of the Skagit Climate Change Consortium.

The art of being a working artist.  Two local artists talk about their painting and business of art.


Eric Weigardt and Darren Orange • April 28th

Based in Ocean Park, Weigardt is a nationally eminent watercolorist.  Based in Astoria, Orange has been described as a 21st Century painter in a 19th Century skin.


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