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DAR contests open to students

DAR offers scholarship opportunities

The Daily Astorian

Published on September 7, 2018 12:01AM

The Astoria Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution has distributed packets with this year’s student contests to area schools in Clatsop and Tillamook counties. The Junior American Citizen contests may also be entered by preschools, home schools and community youth groups.

The theme for this year’s JAC contest is, “The 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing — America’s Great Move Forward in Exploration and Technology.” Posters, stamps and photographic essays must be individual work only. Banners must be group entries only. Community service projects may be by individuals or groups. Preschool and kindergarten students may compete in banner and group community service project only.

The American History essay contest is open to students in fifth to eighth grades. The theme for the essay is “The Women’s Suffrage Campaign.”

Students in grades nine to 12 may enter the Christopher Columbus essay contest, “Comparing Ship Technology: The Ships Columbus Used Versus the Ships of Today.”

One high school senior may be selected from each school to receive the DAR Good Citizen award. Once selected, he or she has the option of writing an essay on an assigned topic, which is then judged and is eligible for a monetary award on the chapter, district, state and national level. Other scholarships are also available from DAR on the national level.

For information, contact Laurene Church at 503-440-9120 or go to

DAR contests open to students


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