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In One Ear: Here a whale, there a whale

Published on September 30, 2016 12:01AM

Five Oregon Coast high school students, including Charlotte Watkins of Warrenton High School, and three teachers, including Josh Jannusch, also of WHS, had the learning opportunity of a lifetime helping Oregon State University scientists aboard the R/V Oceanus on a research cruise Sept. 13-18. They collected data on marine mammals and seabirds between Astoria and seamount Heceta Bank (near Florence) and learned about marine-related careers.

The cruise was organized by Oregon Sea Grant and the Oregon Coast STEM Hub. Pictured, the Oceanus, in a photo by Sharon Nieukirk; inset, a whale and Charlotte, both by Tracy Crews, Oregon Sea Grant marine education program manager. More are at

“The students and teachers also collected plankton, entered and analyzed data and deployed and retrieved oceanographic instruments that profile the water column,” Tracy wrote. “They spotted jellyfish, ocean sunfish, albatross, tuna, orcas, fin whales, over 50 humpback whales, and more than 400 smaller whales, including Pacific white-sided dolphins, Northern right whale dolphins, and Dall’s porpoise.” More than 500 whales in all, actually. The Ear is officially jealous.

— Elleda Wilson


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