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In One Ear: On the road to fame

Country singing teenager Cheyenne Stapleton tries out for American Idol
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on August 25, 2017 12:01AM

Cheyenne Stapleton, a teenager who lives in Jewell, recently tried out for American Idol in Portland. “It went great,” she said. “I had a fast pass, so I didn’t have to wait for hours. They auditioned people fast and it wasn’t like I expected it to be.”

“You had four judges,” Cheyenne explained, “two judges on each side.” No, they are not the judges you see on TV, but they are people who work in the music industry. “You had six lines of four, and they pulled you all up, asked for paperwork, and told you to go back to where you were standing. Then they would start with the person on the right side of the line and would go down the line until every person sang. After, they would call you up and let you know if anyone got it or not.

“You had 90 seconds to sing a song, and I sang ‘Girl Crush’ by Little Big Town. When I was singing in front of the judges, I was so happy. I never get nervous, and I just felt at peace. Singing is something I love.” Sadly, the audition in Portland didn’t work out for her, but she isn’t the least bit discouraged. “It is sad that I didn’t make it through,” she admitted, “but I know there are many more chances!”

You can follow Cheyenne’s career, cheer her on and hear her sing on her Facebook page, “Country Singer, Cheyenne Stapleton.”

“I started singing when I was just a little kid, about 4, but then when I was 10 to 11 I realized that I could actually sing, and I just never stopped,” she said. Not surprisingly, her idol is Carrie Underwood, who became an American Idol at the end of the show’s fourth season in 2005.

“My grandpa, who passed away almost three years ago, really helped me through everything,” Cheyenne recalled. “He was always by my side, kept telling me to never give up, and so to this day I never give up, because I know he would never want me to. Now my family and I are just on the road to fame!”


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