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In One Ear: Honorable mention

Oregon’s first Labor Day gets short shrift
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on September 1, 2017 12:01AM

Since Saturday, June 4, 1887, was the first official Labor Day in Oregon, the Ear decided to check out what was going on that day in The Daily Morning Astorian. The simple answer is: Not much.

On Page 1, the featured story takes place in a Native American village outside Juneau, Alaska; the reporter attended a double cremation ceremony. The only other story, amongst all the ads (e.g. “C.H. Stockton, Pioneer Painter and Paper Hanger”), was a short rant about the price of hay.

On Page 2, the prominent story is whether or not the Star of Bethlehem would be visible during the Christmas season. Of lesser importance, “The Joy of Planked Shad.”

Page 4 offers a short column of “Shipping Intelligence,” and the rest is ads, many touting local saloons.

But hey, what about mentioning the first state holiday honoring the working man? It’s on Page 3, where the local tidbits and “Latest Telegraphic News” items are. Look just under the masthead for two words in small type, and there it is: “Labor day.”


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