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In One Ear: Leapin’ labels

Washington brewer launches high tech marketing
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on September 7, 2017 10:10AM

Since the Pacific Northwest is famous for its craft beers, and there are so many breweries to choose products from, Snoqualmie Falls Brewing in Washington took the battle for consumers’ attention up several notches: Their new product, Sno Falls American Pale Ale, comes with what’s called an “augmented technology” label featuring an image of a waterfall, GeekWire reports (

The side of the bottle encourages you to download a special app to your smartphone that will allow you to “watch this label come to life!” And so it does. The water falls, crows fly and squawk, salmon jump, and a brewer goes over the falls in a barrel with a splash. The screen shots shown are courtesy of GeekWire.

“When you’re staring at crowded shelves full of great offerings, you can’t taste the beer like you can in a pub, so the design is really all you have to attract that hand toward the bottle neck,” brewery manager Dave Eiffert said. “Once they try it, we know they’ll be hooked. … We’re getting more and more adventurous in this regard, with ways to differentiate the beers.”


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