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In One Ear: Angel needs an angel

Senior cat needs a safe home
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on September 15, 2017 12:01AM

“Angel (pictured) was probably a pet at some point, but was most likely abandoned some time ago,” Rita Smith of River Song Foundation wrote. “Trying to survive with at least partial deafness and blindness, and the pain of untreated dental issues, have made Angel not very tolerant. Angel is also feline leukemia positive.” A photo of Angel, who is a flame point Siamese mix, is shown. She is one of many special-needs cats the foundation is trying to find homes for now.

“We would like to give Angel a chance to have a comfortable senior life, if possible. A previous short-term caregiver said she was happy to be inside, had her own spot to sleep and knew exactly where her food, water and litter box were. If we can find her a safe home, there is a sponsor who will provide medical support for Angel for her lifetime. And we will provide guidance and support as well, including help with food.”

Would you like to adopt Angel, or help River Song Foundation? Call Rita at 503-861-2003, or donate at

“Angel is a beautiful, quiet, and dignified lady who deserves some peace and safety,” Rita noted. “Please help us give it to her. Someone out there is her only hope.”


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