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Newsy notes from 1887
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on September 22, 2017 12:01AM

A few tidbits from the Thursday, Sept. 22, 1887 edition of The Daily Morning Astorian:

• The last fender pile on Capt. Flavel’s (pictured inset, right) dock at Tanzy Point (Warrenton) was driven yesterday, and the dock is now completed. (He) has spent about $20,000 (about $498,000 now) in that vicinity in the last 18 months.

• Like other Columbia River canneries whose good works are in every man’s mouth, J.O. Hanthorn’s cans have an extensive eastern circulation, as is evident by his recent receipt of a letter from a member of the (Indiana) Hanthorn tribe … who wrote saying that he had found his name on a can of salmon that he had bought, and asking if the Astoria Hanthorn was any kin to him.

• “An item appeared in The Astorian a while back saying that I had thought of a plan by which cross cut saws could be run by power … I have heard (about) that item from every direction and from long distances.

“Now as you got me into a job of answering questions, which I can’t answer very well by mail without too much time, I will have to beg your paper’s assistance in answering them. (He follows by answering seven questions.)

“That covers all the sensible questions. One wants to know if it feeds itself. No; it has to be fed with a spoon.” — D.F. Stafford

• All men are born equal. But some of them get over it very soon.

• The president (Grover Cleveland, pictured left, inset) cannot attend the fair at Dallas (Texas) this fall, and he thus deliberately forgoes the pleasure of seeing the only genuine five-legged calf in the world.


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