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In One Ear: Andy’s adventures in Astoria

KPTV’s Andy Carson
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on October 20, 2017 12:01AM

“A lucky Friday the 13th for Astoria,” Jeff Daly posted on his Facebook page, “a Chamber of Commerce day with perfect weather as the backdrop for Andy Carson from KPTV Channel 12 ‘Andy’s Adventures.’” Jeff and the Glam Tram transported the TV crew around town in style.

Pictured, from left, in Jeff’s photo, KPTV cameraman Mike “Rico” Heimrich, Jake Jacobs (a central figure in the day’s events), Jeff Daly and Andy Carson.

“Andy first met Jake two years ago during his first live shot from Astoria,” Jeff explained, “and loved having him on the air, being the great character that he is. Andy refers to Jake as his good buddy, and also referred to him as his producer when they were here last Friday.

“Jake set up all of the locations for them to do their live broadcast, and as always, Jake is thinking about the community. He made sure there was coverage at the Astoria Armory and the Tourist No. 2.”

“Portland wants to be weird,” Jake quipped. “But, Astoria is cool because it has really weird people.”

“The four-hour morning ended up with Andy doing 27 live updates during their broadcast,” Jeff recalled. “They said it was a world record for them doing that many locations, moving all over town. Many shots were from the Glam Tram, as we were driving quickly to the next location.”

You can watch several of the “Riding Around Astoria” segments at

“What impressed me the most,” Jeff observed, “is that Andy and his cameraman have worked together for 17 years doing the morning show. Every day they go to work at 4 a.m. And they always have a smile on their faces, and a giggle at what they’re doing. It was just a lotta fun to watch people at their job, enjoying it so much.”


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