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In One Ear: She’s got your number

Astoria remapping changes street numbers, adds confusion
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on October 20, 2017 12:01AM

The Dixie Butter-nut Baking Co. story last week raised another interesting aspect of Astoria street mapping. Before the 1922 fire (the city was re-platted after the fire), the company was at 661 Commercial St., not 616, as the Ear mistakenly wrote in the earlier article.

“The 661 Commercial address was located where Public Market was for so many years,” Liisa Penner, archivist at the Clatsop County Historical Society wrote, “and later Hunts Furniture, on the south side of Commercial between 15th and 16th streets … about where James Turk’s seaman’s boarding house (and shanghaiing business) was.

“The building numbers changed in 1955, and were (very) roughly doubled from the 1954 addresses. 955 Commercial changed to 2127 Marine Drive. Instead of 50 numbers per block in 1954 and before, there were and are 100 numbers per block, with even numbers on the north side of the street and odd numbers on the south side.”

“We have had people come in to the museum to tell us they had been searching for an old address, but the houses don’t match the photos they have,” she explained.

“I tell them if the address they have was from before 1955, they were probably looking in the wrong section of town, and then show them the old Sanborn insurance maps, with the old numbers, and tell them how to find the right place.” Pictured, courtesy of Charles Purdy, an old Sanborn insurance map of Astoria (

Need to find an old address? “We have the maps at the Heritage Museum,” Liisa added, “and they are also at the Astoria Public Library.”


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