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In One Ear: Ghostly hangouts

Ghost hunting close to home
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on October 27, 2017 12:01AM

If the home-grown local Astoria ghosts have become too familiar, and only evoke a ho-hum instead of chills, the Ear has just the solution for you: A list of ghostly hangouts that are all within around 100 miles of Astoria, found at

Did you know about Fort Stevens’ spook? The website says: “... Battery Russell has a bike path said to be haunted by a man in his twenties who holds a flashlight and searches for enemy soldiers. Unexplained sounds also have been reported, as well as cold spots and the apparition of a man in fatigues carrying a long knife.”

And then there’s the Old Wheeler Hotel, in Wheeler, where ghostly apparitions appear “in reflections or from the corner of their eyes, and spirit orbs have appeared in photographs.”

The Tokeland (Washington) Hotel sounds positively creepy: “A ghost called Charley haunts this hotel, said to be an illegal immigrant from China who died in the hotel in the 1930s. He has been seen in the hallways and has been known to cause dinner plates at the restaurant to fly up or spin around. A ghost cat also wanders around the place. The most haunted room in the hotel is Room 7, rumored to have been the site of a long-ago murder.”

And then there’s Billy’s Bar and Grill Restaurant in Aberdeen, Washington: “Formerly the union building for sailors arriving from the nearby port, this restaurant was the scene of many murders by a bartender, who befriended weary sailors before shooting them and pushing their bodies into the river running adjacent to where the building now stands.”

Many have seen the homicidal bartender with the icy glare, standing behind the bar, who disappears when approached. Shot glasses do tricks, ghostly voices have been heard, cold spots abound, and apparitions of a sailor and ladies of the night have been spotted, as well. It’s likely not an ideal spot for a nice, relaxing drink.

However, if you’re a ghost hunter or enthusiast, this list should be right up your long, dark alley.


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