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In One Ear: The medium has the message

Famous spiritualist visits Astoria
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on October 27, 2017 12:01AM

From the Sunday, Oct. 31, 1897, edition of The Daily Morning Astorian: Dr. Loyd Cooke , the celebrated “psychological enigma” … will give an entertainment at the opera house this evening … (

Dr. Cooke’s program is not carried out in the shadow of a dimly lighted stage, but with the lights on full throughout the whole theater, and the things which he does are thereby open to the closest observation.

In fact, the doctor is so sure of his position when he undertakes to make a table float in the air, some spirit hand to pass around bouquets, or calls upon an ancient grandmother of someone in the audience to write a few lines on the slate for the benefit of her posterity, that he invites a committee from the audience to occupy seats upon the platform, and gives them all reasonable leeway in their efforts to find out how ’tis done.

During the séance announced for the evening, Dr. Cooke will fully demonstrate the methods employed by renowned spirit mediums … whose manifestations have at one time or another electrified the believers in spiritualism. The prices for this evening will be popular.


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