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In One Ear: A random act of kindness

Good-hearted stranger brings joy to Seaside girl
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on November 3, 2017 12:01AM

Emily Knutson posted a heart-felt thank you “To the Kind Man in the Large Black Truck” on Facebook last Friday. It’s one of those smile-inducing feel-good stories. Here’s hoping “the kind man” is reading this, so he will know how much his generosity of spirit impacted a little girl in Seaside.

“A man I have never seen before approached me earlier this afternoon when I was outside in my yard playing with my daughter,” Emily wrote. “He said he had found pink children’s toys, and had no use for them. He asked if she would like them, and if it was OK that he bring them back by later today. I thanked him and watched him walk away, not thinking a lot about it.

“Just a little while ago the man came back in a very nice lifted black truck with a kitchen set in the back. My daughter has been wanting a kitchen set for so long, and this man unknowingly has made her wish come true. I didn’t get his name, and I know nothing about him. He remains a stranger to us, but a stranger I can’t thank enough.

“To the man who has made my little girl so happy this afternoon: Thank you. Thank you for the gift, your kindness, your time, the gesture that reminded me that not everything and everyone in this world is bad. Thank you from the Knutson family in Seaside, Roy, Emily and Mai’la (the receiver of your pink kitchen) Knutson! Happy Holidays and God Bless!”


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