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In One Ear: Save me, Astoria

Marianas Trench digs Astoria
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on November 3, 2017 12:01AM

Back in 2015, a Vancouver, British Columbia, band named Marianas Trench (pictured) released an album, “Astoria,” that included a song, “Astoria” (not recommended for those with tender sensibilities). The Ear never did figure out what the song actually has to do with Astoria, other than this explanation from the band:

“When Marianas Trench’s lead singer Josh Ramsay came up with the title ‘Astoria,’ he saw the album as a concept record based on 1980s’ fantasy adventure films; specifically ‘The Goonies,’ which is set in the seemingly doomed town of Astoria, Oregon. The idea was to let a classic coming-of-age movie inspire the music and overall feel of the record.”

Well, now the video is out (, and it’s an homage to glorious Astoria, visually, with a dash of Cannon Beach and Olney, and a lot of other places, too. You’ll even spot some familiar local faces. So check it out, and enjoy! “Let the melody save me, Astoria.”


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