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In One Ear: Wayward helmet

Time capsule disappears for nine years
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on November 10, 2017 12:01AM

Fun rerun from May 6, 2011: The Triangle Tavern got a nostalgic surprise on Sunday, May 1. Nancy Little, of Ocean Shores, Washington, popped in with an inflated acrylic racing helmet she found while beachcombing with Kim Lewis – nine years ago.

Sharon Rose, owner of the Triangle Tavern building, and former owner of the tavern, told the Ear that the helmet was from opening day, when she and her husband, the late Danny Butler, opened the tavern in May 2002.

They had a big whiz-bang celebration, and part of the festivities was the time-capsule helmet, which several customers signed with Magic Markers – including well-known local characters Fairly Honest Roy and the late Rick The Roofer.

Across the bottom of the helmet, Sharon Rose wrote a note saying whoever found it could bring it back to the Triangle for a free beer. Then she gave it to a fisherman, who was directed to drop the helmet off into the ocean once he got past the Columbia River Bar while he was on his way north to go fishing.

When Nancy found it on Copalis Beach about a year later, in spring 2003, the helmet was still fully inflated. She kept it, and even moved with it a few times. On Sunday, she finally decided to call the tavern and find out if the offer was still good. Of course, it was, so she turned it in (much to Sharon Rose’s delight), and got her free beer.


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