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In One Ear: Tales of the town

Newsy notes from 1896
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on November 17, 2017 12:01AM

From The Daily Morning Astorian, 121 years ago today, Nov. 17, 1896:

• There is a big slide on the south side of Commercial Street, opposite the Palace Restaurant, and it kept the entire force in Herman Wise’s store busy all day. … Everybody who helps to remove this slide receives a ticket to Herman Wise’s dance and also an Xmas present.

• A living scow in the bay of 18th Street sprung a leak during the recent storm and is now almost completely submerged. As in the time of the deluge, it is presumed that the occupants have fled to the mountains.

Note: This refers to what was once known as Scow Bay. Eventually filled in with river channel dredge spoils, Columbia Memorial Hospital sits there now (

• Hustler’s Astoria: Situated on the south side of Astoria’s hills. Twenty degrees warmer and vegetation 30 days in advance of the North side. Magnificent sites for residences, overlooking river and bay, sunny and sheltered. Easy and natural grades; little or no grading needed. Astoria Investment Co., 482 Bond St.

Note: Hustler is a very aptly named large plat in the middle of Astoria’s South Slope.


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