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In One Ear: Local brevities

Newsy notes from 1897
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on November 24, 2017 12:01AM

Tidbits from 120 years ago in The Daily Morning Astorian, Wednesday, Nov. 24, 1897:

• Captain Johnson, of the schooner Edward Parke, last May staked his brother, who went to the Alaska gold fields, and is now owner of a $1 million claim.

Note: About $25 million now.

• Artist (Nels) Hagerup’s latest painting, the Relief passing out to sea, is perhaps the best work he has produced. It is almost a perfect production, down to the smallest details.

Note: Hagerup (1864-1922), from Norway, created over 6,000 paintings (shown, “Through the Mist,” courtesy of, mostly seascapes, and was a founder of the Portland Art Association in 1895 (

• For Rent: One three-room house opposite the court house, $10 per month; and one two-room house furnished for light housekeeping, 367 Commercial St., $10 per month. Apply 355 Commercial St.

Note: That’s about $249 in today’s money. That’s not enough to even rent an outhouse in Astoria, these days.


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