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In One Ear: Why?

Ghadar Movement sign disappears from park
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on November 24, 2017 12:01AM

The Ghadar Movement plaque, stolen from its spot at Maritime Memorial Park on Oct. 23, is still missing. This is not some tiny little sign, either; it’s of substantial size and weight, made of bronze and attached to a metal pole. The plaque recognizes the formation of the Ghadar Party — a political movement to make India independent from England — which first met in Astoria in 1913 at the old Finnish Socialist Hall.

“It is quite a shock to those in Astoria who participated in the celebration in 2013, and really understand the seriousness of this loss,” former Astoria City Councilwoman Karen Mellin said in dismay, as reported in The Tribune of Chandigarh, India (

Meanwhile, take a good look at the photos, taken at the Ghadar centennial. A new sign has been ordered, but what happened to the old one? Do you know? If you have any information, please contact Astoria Police Sgt. Andrew Randall at or 503-325-4411.

As for the plaque’s disappearance, “it’s a mystery,” Karen observed. “Why?” Why, indeed.


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