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In One Ear: Toby and Buddy

Two well-loved dogs need a new home
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on December 1, 2017 12:01AM

Last changed on December 4, 2017 8:50AM

Two well-loved dogs, due to an unfortunate situation, need a forever home, or a foster home until a forever home can be found. They belong to Ashley Agee-Cazanas’ mother-in-law, who is terminally ill, and can no longer care for Toby, age 13 (white muzzle), and Buddy, age 9. Some photos are at

“My mother-in-law took these two boys in from shelters in Hood River years ago,” Ashley wrote. “She has given them the best life. You would not believe the attention and diligence she put forth in giving them the best home.”

For the time being, the dogs are staying with Ashley (who already has two dogs), while her husband, Alex, is caring for his mother full time at her home in Portland. “He is her only relative,” Ashley explained, “and with all four dogs and our 17-month-old, it is not possible for me to be there by his side. If we find homes for Toby and Buddy, I can bring our two dogs, and our daughter, and stay near to my husband to offer help and support. But until that happens, we are here at our home in Nehalem, and he is there.”

Toby seems to hear well, but she’s not sure about his vision. He loves to play and take walks but can only be on his feet for so long before needing to rest. He gets around pretty well but needs frequent potty breaks. Buddy is a sweet, loving snuggler who has some hip problems and needs to rest after any outing.

Both get along well with adults, kids of all ages and other dogs. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Toby and Buddy, contact the Angels for Sara Sanctuary ( at 503-325-2772 or

“I would prefer to keep these boys,” Ashley added. “It’s breaking my heart to let them go, but I know that if we can find a good place for them, everyone will be better off. We can provide months of supply of dog food, and they have their own beds/leashes and food and water bowls.” They also have an appointment to get their shots up to date.

“They are sweet boys,” she observed, “and deserve a loving place to be.”


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