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In One Ear: ‘Sidelights and Incidents’

Notes on the 1922 Astoria fire
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on December 8, 2017 12:01AM

The Dec. 10, 1922 Sunday Oregonian also featured “Sidelights and Incidents” of the fire. Here are a few samples:

• Chris Jaeger, proprietor of the Jaeger confectionery, appeared on the streets this afternoon in a borrowed automobile, laden with a large cash register and a small basket of “sweets.”

• Several hundred safes, large and small, will not be opened for at least five days. Should the strong boxes be opened now, there is danger that the papers inside will burn.

• Smoke was still pouring from the giant chimney of the Astoria National bank (pictured, right) tonight. The walls were badly crumbled during the fire, but the huge stack remained intact.

• Mayor Bremner attempted to enter his office at the city hall Saturday night, reports have it, but was denied the privilege when confronted by a muzzle of a gun in the hands of a Navy guard.

Note: The city was kept under guard after the fire.

• Standing alone, like Noah’s ark on Mount Sinai, is the vault of the Bank of Commerce.

• Astoria is fighting for its existence as it did almost 100 years ago, and has discarded personalities, creed and class.


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