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In One Ear: A simple act of kindness

Courtesy is alive and well
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on December 15, 2017 12:01AM



“I was at the post office in Astoria the other day, and while putting my keys into the lock to unlock my car door, they fell to the ground,” Eric Jenkins, executive chef at Buoy Beer, wrote. “I am with a cane because of a knee problem and a bad back, so bending over is very difficult for me right now.

“The curb is high where I was parked, so looking where my keys were on the street, seemed to me like a daunting task to retrieve my keys. I started by trying to use my cane to hook them up towards me, but after several attempts, this wasn’t working.

“A man, older than myself must have seen me struggling and came up to me offering his help. At first I declined, out of stubbornness, but he insisted, easily retrieving them for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch his name, but thanked him for helping me.”

“Thinking about it later, I wish I had asked his name,” he added. It is these simple acts of kindness, that give me hope in a time of chaos and divisiveness in the world today, and which make me proud to live in a community where people help each other, no matter how small the gesture may seem.”


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