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Newsy notes from 1887
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on December 15, 2017 12:01AM

The Daily Astorian

Tidbits from The Daily Morning Astorian published Thursday, Dec. 15, 1887:

• The last rail on the railroad connecting the Columbia River with California was laid last Tuesday.

Note: Construction of the Oregon and California Railroad began in Portland in 1868. In 1872, after laying track to Roseburg, there was a long delay due to lack of funding. After being taken over by Southern Pacific, the railroad finally made it to the California border in December 1887 (

As an aside: The railroad was originally owned by Ben Holladay, a transportation magnate who had quite an impact on Seaside. His Seaside House Hotel, built in 1871 before Seaside was even incorporated, was probably one of the city’s first elite tourist attractions (

• This “runaway horse” business is getting altogether too common. Scarcely a day passes without a horse running amok through the streets …

• For Sale: One large, strong horse, sound in wind and limb. Price $30 (about $747 now). Apply to A. E. Allen, Skipanon.

• Active work on the Fort Stevens jetty has ceased. If the barges are depended on to furnish stone for that work, it will be 2011 AD before the work is completed.

Note: Construction began in the 1880s, and an article about the 5-mile long South Jetty being completed appeared in the January 1898 edition of Scientific American ( The project came in at 45 percent of the original estimate, or $2,025,650 (about $57 million now). An illustration from the Scientific American article is shown.

• Three runaways, two dog fights, and a knockdown yesterday, and still some folks complained there was no fun.


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