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In One Ear: It’s on the list

‘The Goonies’ receives film honor
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on December 22, 2017 12:01AM

Here’s a Christmas present for fans of “The Goonies,” red bow and all: The film is among the 25 selected in 2017 to be listed in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress. Which is a big deal, since a movie has to have “cultural, historic and/or aesthetic importance” to even be considered ( A screen shot from the movie is shown, courtesy of Warner Brothers.

“With its keen focus on kids of agency and adventure, ‘The Goonies’ protagonists are Tom Sawyeresque outsiders on a magical treasure hunt, and the story lands in the continuum between where ‘Our Gang’ quests leave off and the darker spaces of Netflix’s recent ‘Stranger Things’ pick up,” the Film Registry explained. But Executive Producer Steven Spielberg’s “fingerprints” on “every second” made it a shoe-in.

Richard Donner, who directed “The Goonies” and another film selected this year, released a statement after hearing the news. “I thank the National Film Registry for choosing ‘Superman: The Movie’ and ‘The Goonies’ as films to be treasured,” he said. “They are both special films in my life, as was the cast and crew for both. It’s wonderful to see them listed among so many great films.”

Hey, you guys … a celebratory truffle shuffle or two are in order.


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