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Newsy notes from 1897
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on January 26, 2018 12:01AM

From the Tuesday, Jan. 26, 1897 edition of The Daily Morning Astorian:

• Some alarm has been expressed for the safety of the American schooner Laura Madsen (pictured), 382 tons, Capt. Rasmussen, 70 days out from Salaverry, Peru, sugar laden for Vancouver (B.C.) … The passage, it is said, is usually made in 40 or 50 days …

Note: The 140-foot vessel was OK. She didn’t meet her demise until October 1905. She arrived at Port Barrow, Alaska, in August, and unloaded her cargo of “whalebone, ivory, furs, etc.” There was an early freeze that year, and the ship, stuck at anchor for six weeks, was crushed by the ice around it (

• Cryptic Coasting Notes: One young man, while going down Franklin Avenue at a swift pace, was thrown from his sled by a broken plank in the roadway and pitched onto his side, the sled itself being broken. A young lady also was thrown from a bob-sled and severely injured. It is thought that neither one was dangerously hurt.

Note: You’re not the only one who’s confused. Severely injured, but not dangerously hurt?

• The barkentine Tam O’Shanter … early yesterday morning broke her anchor chains (at Knappton) in the easterly gale and floated downstream. She crossed the channel near Fort Stevens in perfect safety, her sails were unfurled, and she glided downstream and out to sea past Fort Canby (Cape Disappointment) as though piloted by an old hand … and in the afternoon was brought inside again.

Note: This 592-ton vessel was built at North Bend by A. M. Simpson in 1875. She was still afloat in 1900, but after that, it’s anyone’s guess what became of her (

• The Astoria Land and Investment Co. has some bargains in west side property … They also have a 7-room house to rent in Astoria at $15 per month ($423 now), a 12-room house at $15 per month, and a modern equipped house of 11 rooms at $30 per month.

Note: Looking at current Astoria rentals on, a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house goes for $1,400 a month. Scary, isn’t it?


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