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In One Ear: The kindness of strangers

Astorians find new pals in Vegas
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on February 2, 2018 12:01AM

“I usually send you a blurb when someone is especially kind, competent or helpful,” Yvonne Edwards wrote. “So this is the story of all that happening in Las Vegas, where Mickey and I are soaking up a few weeks of sun.”

“I made an appointment to get my 2000 black Toyota Sienna van’s oxidized finish restored,” she explained, “but Ramsey at Miracle Touch Auto Restoration asked that I get it washed first.” At the car wash, she met Denise from Florida and Javon from California, who were both in town to help their fathers. Even though their shift was almost over, they stayed to wash Yvonne’s van.

“The next day Ramsey came to the hotel,” Yvonne recalled, “but there was no outside electrical socket to plug into, so I said, ‘Let’s go to the car wash.’ … We hung out for almost three hours while Ramsey did his magic on the van. Denise cleaned the Oregon mold off the roof!” In the meantime, Javon helped Yvonne find some inexpensive hubcaps for her snow tires.

“Ramsey had finished my van and Kayla, the car wash boss lady, came by, and he buffed out a small scratch on her fancy car, and she offered him a free car wash anytime, and everyone exchanged business cards.” Pictured, in photos by Kayla, from left, Mickey and Yvonne, Denise, and Ramsey; Javon is inset.

“It was a fun day,” Yvonne added, “full of good energy. A great experience of the kindness of strangers.”


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