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In One Ear: Local brevities

Newsy notes from long ago
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on February 16, 2018 12:01AM

From The Daily Morning Astorian, Tuesday, Feb. 16, 1886:

• Prof. N. S. Keith, the inventor of the electric system that bears his name, and Col. S. C. Blasdell go to Portland on this morning’s boat.

Note: Mr. Wikipedia says Prof. Nathaniel Keith built the first electric plant for San Francisco in 1884 and, among other accomplishments, was an adviser to Thomas Edison. (

• Among the county court proceedings: Ordered that Geo. Flavel, W. E. Dement and John Hobson be appointed to a committee to take into consideration the providing the county with a poor farm …

Note: This was apparently a no-go, as there doesn’t appear to be a record of Clatsop County having a poor farm to employ people who were destitute. (

• On the first … there came ashore three bodies, fleshless and limbless. It is thought they are the bodies of Capt. Exon, mate Jamison and a crew member that were drowned at the wreck of the Carrie B. Lake at Shoalwater Bay Jan. 3.

Note: The fishing schooner got caught in a stiff gale and slammed into a shoal. All five hands hustled into the lifeboat, which capsized; only two survived. The U.S. Life-saving Service conclusion was terse: “Had the people remained by their vessel, they would all have been saved.” (

From the Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1887 edition:

• A responsible party who wishes to legally adopt a little girl of 4 years of age can find an opportunity by applying to M. D. Corno.

• In what is referred to as “A Case of General Interest,” U. V. Hansen of the Globe saloon sued M. Yocum, a fireman on the tug Columbia, for $67.20 (about $1,675 now) for “goods, wares and merchandise.” Yocum’s pay was garnished, but on appeal Judge Deady cited a law decreeing a mariner’s wages could not be attached by creditors. Presumably, saloon owners took note.


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