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In One Ear: Think pink

Law and outerwear
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on February 16, 2018 12:01AM

Terry Enke Arnall wrote in, proud of her young cousins, Brooke (9) and Paige (12) Simonsen, who made the national news when they testified in front of the Maryland State House of Representatives. (The girls’ great-grandparents are Chris and Olga Simonsen of Hammond.)

According a story in the Washington Post, the girls’ goal is to get a bill passed that allows hunters to wear fluorescent pink as well as the usual fluorescent orange ( The girls took up the cause when their father, Mike Simonsen, urged them to take a hunting safety course, and they found out all the pink gear they bought isn’t legal in Maryland, which only allows hunters to wear orange.

To get the law changed, the girls began lobbying Sen. Adelaide C. Eckardt to add pink to hunters’ wardrobe color choices. Sen. Eckhardt and Brooke and Paige are pictured in a Rachel Siegel/The Washington Post photo.

The girls backed up their request with research, citing studies about pink’s visibility. Plus, the color is already legal for hunters in several states.

Convinced, the senator sponsored the bill to make pink legal for Maryland hunters, and Brooke and Paige were on hand — wearing hot pink, of course — to speak about the bill’s merits in front of the House.

Their bill passed, and now it moves forward to the Maryland Senate.


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