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In One Ear: That moment

Carol Johansen gets a nostalgic surprise
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on August 3, 2018 12:01AM

Carol Johansen pulled into Battery Russell at Fort Stevens State Park, and didn’t even notice there was a large photograph on display out front. “Imagine my surprise to open passenger door and to be greeted by a picture of my own father, Arthur S. Johansen,” Carol wrote. “Literally right there. What were the chances? And it was a picture I had never seen before. … Sometimes I still tear up when I think of that moment.” The photo is inset; her father is on the left.

“I’m sure the picture was placed there because it was just outside the ‘plotting room,’ where the photo was taken.” As it so happened, filmmaker Ron Walker was there — working on a documentary about the shelling of Fort Stevens — when she had her “moment,” so he took her into the plotting room for a photo. “The picture of me standing (and crying!),” she noted, “was taken in the exact same spot where (my father) had been sitting.”

“Before we left, the videographer asked me to stand by the picture and point out my Dad with my finger,” Carol added, “which I did. More tears, then!”


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