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In One Ear: Finding Benny

Several help with searches for missing puppy
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on August 31, 2018 12:01AM

“Benny, a 10-month-old rescue hound mix puppy, was recently adopted by Vancouver, Washington, residents Cindy and Ray White (pictured),” Susan Packer, a rescuer based in Silicon Valley, California, wrote. “On Sunday, Aug. 26, the Whites were visiting Cannon Beach, when Benny was spooked and took off running, dragging his leash. … The Whites tried to follow Benny, but lost him.”

They were devastated. Cindy has inclusion body myositis, a progressive neuromuscular autoimmune disease, and is becoming increasingly disabled. Benny was her constant companion, and learning to pick up objects, and alert Ray if Cindy needed help.

Ray came back to Cannon Beach every day to search for Benny, then went home at night to take care of Cindy. Susan and fellow rescuer Mike Noon, also of California, shared their advice with Ray on search and rescue tips, and gave him hope. Portlander Jenny Julian and her partner, Dave, also offered to help. Emmas Lindsay, owner of Dogs Allowed Cannon Beach, kept a supply of lost dog flyers for people to post, which wound up saving the day. “People are really kind and compassionate in this special town,” Ray said. “I am really overwhelmed.”

On Wednesday, Ray received the call he hoped for. A Cannon Beach local, Kristen Steinke, had heard a dog barking for a few days, but thought it was a neighbor’s. Then, when she and her husband, Shane, were walking their dog, they noticed a woman who was looking for something. Having seen the lost dog flyer, Kirsten asked her if she was looking for Benny.

Then Kristen suddenly had a gut feeling. She immediately sent her husband to check out the barking dog in the neighbor’s yard, and sure enough, it was Benny. He was stuck, his leash all tangled up in the brush. Kirsten got the phone number from the flyer and called Ray, who rushed to the rescue.

“It was truly a miracle,” Ray reflected. Benny is remarkably healthy, and after a vet check, they went home to Cindy. “There are not enough words to thank the wonderful people of Cannon Beach,” he added. “Benny is alive, and for that I am grateful.”


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