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In One Ear: Reluctant traveler

Miniboat Boat-A-Lahti awaits relaunch
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on August 31, 2018 12:01AM

“I have an update on S/V Boat-A-Lahti, the miniboat built by the Hilda Lahti Elementary School third-graders last year,” Nate Sandel wrote.

Initially launched Feb. 11 by the Coast Guard Cutter Alert off the coast of California, and hopefully heading for Asia, the miniboat soon washed ashore in San Diego. Relaunched 5 miles offshore Feb. 14, the reluctant traveler washed up again, Feb. 23, on a remote beach in Baja, California, Mexico. Recovered from the beach in March, the miniboat was brought to the captain of the port’s office in Guerrero Negro, Baja.

Now, Boat-A-Lahti is being delivered to the captain of the port on the Isla de Cedros. He will coordinate getting it onto a salt exporters’ ship for relaunch at sea, once again.

Where will the miniboat wind up next? Follow Boat-A-Lahti’s travels at


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