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In One Ear: Bigfoot in the news

Catching up with Sasquatch
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on September 7, 2018 12:01AM

It’s time for some Bigfoot updates, so here goes …

Nope: Bigfoot researcher Todd Standing sued the British Columbia government to recognize sasquatch as an indigenous hominoid mammal, the Vancouver Sun reported. The case was thrown out as “incapable of being proven.” Stay tuned. (

Bigfoot Running: One night in mid-August, a California farmer said he saw a Bigfoot family of five or six on his ranch in Fresno County. When they scattered, the one carrying a pig over its shoulder tripped on an irrigation pipe, sending the poor pig flying.

Bigfoot Crossing: Also in August, a driver saw a 6- to 6 ½-foot black creature stepping over a guardrail off Route 4 in rural Whitehall, New York. A not unusual sight, apparently — in July, the village made Bigfoot its official animal. FYI, there’s a Sasquatch Calling Festival on Sept. 29. (

It’s Official, Redux: As of Saturday, Bigfoot will also be the official animal of Marion, North Carolina. “Who is to say what’s out there?” Town Manager Bob Boyette told The Charlotte Observer. “Nobody knows for sure, and there are some smart people who are convinced it’s real.” (


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