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In One Ear: Back to Baja

Stubborn miniboat won’t go west
By Elleda Wilson

The Daily Astorian

Published on September 14, 2018 12:01AM

That Boat-A-Lahti — the Hilda Lahti Elementary School/Columbia River Maritime Museum miniboat project — sure gets around. Everywhere but west, to Japan, where it’s supposed to be heading.

After several beachings, and a stubborn attraction to the Baja Peninsula — and after being released at sea six days earlier by a tuna boat, Maria Isabel II — it was back to Baha. Again. This time, her GPS tracker showed she was actually 15 miles from the beach, in a back yard in San Juanico. What to do?

CRMM’s Nate Sandel got onto Facebook with a plea for help to the Friends of Scorpion Bay Campground and Cantina. Fortunately, Janet Harrington, who lives in Colorado and winters in Baja, saw his post.

“She reposted on her personal Facebook page in Spanish, and tagged a few friends who live in town,” Nate explained. “A gentleman named Fernando went to the house (he knew the house by looking at the map), and talked to the fisherman who found it, and has it in his yard. They are going to bring it to the middle school to get some photos and use the Internet. We are making arrangements for the local fisherman to relaunch.”

Stay tuned.


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