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Editorial: The last sensible Republican leader
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
Editorial: The last sensible Republican leader
Paul Ryan does what a leader is supposed to do

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Editorial: Some species protection may become impossible
Editorial: Some species protection may become impossible
Transplantation and strategic triage will become the norm
Editorial: Oregon kinda, sorta matters
It's been awhile, but the Oregon Primary kinda, sorta matters again.
Editorial: Forestry has come a long way
Oregonians exhibit a fairly sophisticated understanding of the role forestry plays in job creation, open-space preservation, supporting local government operations, and providing other benefits.
Editorial: Good news, bad news on fish stocks
For communities like ours at the mouth of the Columbia, loss of any major fishery is like removing one leg of a table
Editorial: Visitors abound as festival season begins
Festivals are part of the economic lifeblood of our region.
Editorial: Dawn McIntosh for Circuit Court judge
Though not as visible, judges are an essential element of local government.
Editorial: Good riddance, Jim Crow
For most of the nation and especially in the states of the old Confederacy, Jim Crow is code for a set of racist attitudes and formal laws that were designed to enforce a regressive racial caste system.
Editorials: Pulling out of day care would be an earthquake
It is a pipe dream to believe that another entity will take over the day care program the city operates.
Editorial: Again .... a scary leak at Hanford
Three of Hanford’s other double-shell tanks have the same design as the one now in the news
Editorial: Floodplains are vital for residents and salmon
FEMA flood insurance approach moves in the right direction
Editorial: A victory for smart, courageous citizens
Suddenly, a financial equation didn't work any more
Editorial: El Niño predictions were off course
Meteorologists and journalists spun El Niño predictions in a variety of sometimes-contradictory ways
Editorial: GOP played the wrong game, which yielded Trump
Republicans have cooperaetd in their own downward spiral
Editorial: Attention must be paid to rural white women
The Washington Post this Sunday published a deeply troubling look at how addictions, depression and other factors cut decades from the lifespans of women, especially in America’s countryside and small towns.
Editorial: Fighting for press freedom ... again
The Arizona House of Representatives' demands on reporters is a step in the wrong direction
Editorial: At 40, landmark fishery law needs revamping
This Wednesday is the 40th anniversary of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976.
Guest column: Older Americans Act poised to return
Guest column: Older Americans Act poised to return
The growing ranks of senior citizens demands a new look at their services.
Editorial: Workforce housing may cause Astoria discomfort
If Astoria truly wants workforce housing, it will have to make some deals.
Editorial: Transparency loses with Gov. Brown, Legislature
Lawmakers have twice failed to pass legislation that would set limits on the time and fees for responding to public records requests. And groups that shape state policies and laws, including political party caucuses and work groups that advise the...
Editorial: Liquor initiative has a dirty little secret
The dirty little secret of the liquor ballot initiative is that the legislature would have to come up with considerable revenue to replace what the OLCC stores generate.
Editorial: Primaries, not caucuses, are a better voter gauge
Something like 1 percent of eligible Washington state voters typically participate in the caucus, which is how delegates pledged to specific candidates are chosen to attend the next phase of the Democratic Party’s presidential-selection process.
Editorial: Thank you, Dianne Widdop
Gearhart mayor had the toughness to endure adversity
Editorial: Latest tsunami science urges long-term action
Planning can save lives
Editorial: Initiative will improve local childhood dental outcomes
Dental health is an underestimated element of childhood.
Editorial: Legal help can often mean vital lifeline
Americans shouldn't have their lives wrecked because they couldn't afford a lawyer