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Editorial: The first Thanksgiving
Early accounts of a holiday of thanks

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Editorial: Girls confirm Naselle teaches good values
The team’s quartet of seniors, and especially their inspirational captains, deservedly have been getting good press for their positive example of leadership.
Editorial: Want a part-time job that earns $174,000?
Congress doesn't earn its pay
Editorial: It’s in the dirt
“Man — despite his artistic pretensions, his sophistication, and his many accomplishments — owes his existence to a six inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”
Editorial: Salem errs in cutting law enforcement research
Good policing is essential to reducing the prison population
Editorial: Death with dignity harder in rural areas
Despite these strong endorsements for the concept that rational adults deserve to control their own fates when it comes to end-of-life decisions, it remains stubbornly difficult for terminally ill residents of the Columbia estuary counties to obtain...
Editorial: Good news on Amtrak’s Willamette Valley route
Scheduling is the key to making rail transit more popular
Editorial: We need a nuanced solution from Salem
Small and midsizze employers cannot spend money they don't have.
Editorial: Coastal tribes eye escape from rising sea level
It is generally true that the world’s poorest people will be among those who suffer the most from sea-level rise, worse droughts, stronger cyclones and other symptoms of a world climate expected to become more erratic as the 21st century moves...
Editorial: Royal Nebeker was a life force
Royal Nebeker left his mark on Astoria
Editorial: Views, protection key in dune clash
Stabilized by the grass, coastal dunes both south and north of the mouth of the Columbia have grown extensively in recent decades.
Editorial: Time wasted waiting on Keystone kill
Declining for so long to simply make this decision official was a matter of avoiding an election-year handicap for a handful of politicians
Editorial: It’s about turning young lives around
If we hope to turn around young criminal lives, South Jetty High School matters
Editorial: Salmon and temperatures are on a collision course
According to a new plan, the warmest temperatures allowed under current state standards may harm nine fish species unless cold-water zones are implemented.
Editorial: If it ain’t broke...
Before Oregon leaps to end state liquor distribution we should take a long look at what happened in Washington after Costco prevailed.
Editorial: Chronically truant children are social costs we all pay
Blowing off education is a decision to play without a full deck
Editorial: Stay clear of coal exports, for now
These coal companies are clutching at Asia as a financial lifeline.
Of Cabbages and Kings: Now it’s cool to be a Royals fan
Of Cabbages and Kings: Now it’s cool to be a Royals fan
When the Kansas City Royals' drought ended, there was joy in our household
Editorial: Oregon is hiding its own scam
Energy tax credits opinion should not be hidden from public view
Editorial: Importing the California dream
With influx, we must work to avoid Golden State’s worst mistakes
Editorial: West Coast fisheries land stunning numbers
Make no bones about it: Irrespective of decades of impressive economic diversification, the Lower Columbia and nearby places like Garibaldi, Willapa Bay and Westport, Wash., are fishing communities in essential cultural and monetary senses.
Editorial: Why women are the target
Why in the 21 century is birth control the bugaboo of the Republican Party?
Editorial: What are they waiting for?
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission sees itself as an energy enabler.
Editorial: Dementia takes costly toll on coast
A study released in recent days found dementia care to be economically devastating for Medicare patients in the last five years of life
Editorial: House GOP makes Clinton look good
Does the Freedom Caucus seek the federal government's demise?
Editorial: Bringing the dead to life
Talking Tombstones is a model of ingenuity