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Editorial: Report provides grim details on status of women in Oregon
Report is a wakeup call on the status of women in Oregon.

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Editorial: State’s baffling embrace of Oracle
State makes target of lawsuit a primary technology vendor
Editorial: Governor should address coastal issues
Governor misses a leadership opportunity
Editorial: Bipartisan ideas to reform PERS
Sens. Johnson and Knopp attempt to overcome leadership inertia
Coast Guard to the rescue
Coast Guard to the rescue
Coast Guard aviation preserves Columbia River lives and economy
Editorial: Rentals issue puts democracy in action along the coast
Short-term rental initiative on new rules is democracy in action
Editorial: Salmon return amid changing water conditions
Temps, birds and sea lions continue to pose obstacles
Editorial: Inviting fraud in road repair
State transportation agency resists better quality control
Editorial: Workplaces change, but labor makes the world go ’round
Editorial: Workplaces change, but labor makes the world go ’round
Ultimately, those toiling in anonymity are far more worthy of our thanks than the famous captains of industry.
Editorial: As political season ramps up, so should residents’ questions
Voters should take a close look at the issues and candidates
Editorial: It’s past time to fix crumbling infrastructure
The overall problem of failing water and sewer infrastructure is all too common
Editorial: Agricultural decisions should be based on facts
Political posturing over neonics has stymied efforts by oyster growers to use them to control burrowing shrimp
Editorial: Match national park dreams with reality
America led the way in establishing national parks.
Editorial: Physical education should be a part of everyone’s day
Lifetime health and physical coordination must be ingrained early on.
Editorial: Costly fir disease threatens a leg of our coastal economy
Editorial: Costly fir disease threatens a leg of our coastal economy
Surveys are vital while ramping up research
Editorial: Enforcement will quell beach driving complaints
Driving on the beach is a privilege, not a right, and more enforcement is needed
Editorial: Monument idea needs development
Monument idea needs more development
Editorial: Federal flood insurance should be fiscally sustainable and affordable
Like little bubbles in a raging torrent
Editorial: ‘Bridge to nowhere’ now a symbol of success
An example of how we are stronger together
Editorial: Signature events showcase coast
Successful events showcase the coast's diversity and virtues
Editorial: Warrenton’s Walmart decision is the right one
Warrenton's Walmart decision is the right one, but some of the bix-box opposition is puzzling.