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Editorial: Think small
The Astoria City Council has not given us leadership on the library issue.

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Editorial: Trump beg’s for a fool’s bargain
Trump's interview transcript on American troops abroad is beyond startling
Editorial: ‘Silent mass disaster’ demands nation’s attention
Mysteries need solving
Editorial: LaMear bears witness to a public health epidemic
Mayor LaMear's voice on guns issues is timely
Editorial: Property neglect drags us down
Success stories should inspire local governments
Editorial: Astoria council needs center of gravity
The Astoria City Council has lacked a center of gravity
Editorial: Treaty rights without fish are meaningless
Fifty percent of nothing is nothing
Editorial: Can we trust Union Pacific?
Can we trust the railroads with safety?
Editorial: Few excuses not to vote
One more attempt to make Oregon's innovation universal
Editorial: Peninsula wins, Astoria wins
Sharing the gift of swimming
Editorial: NIMBY prevails again
If we agree that affordable housing is scarce to nonexistent, what is our plan?
Editorial: Another good outcome
Revival of the Flavel block can change the face of downtown Astoria.
Editorial: July 4 plan still needs work
To avoid a ban, fireworks supporters must curb residential problems
Editorial: Another gun massacre, another set of clichés
It has always been true that the misdeeds of one evil or reckless man can unravel the carefully woven norms crafted by civilization.
Editorial: Marine commandant should imitate Comey
Extraordinary issues demand an extra measure of candor from leaders
Editorial: Sales tax is a reach too far
Initiative Petition 28 is a giant step in pubic employees unions' drive to run Oregon.
Editorial: Suicide haunts fishing, forestry and agriculture
The CDC’s occupational suicide list is topped by farmworkers, fishermen, lumberjacks and others in forestry or agriculture — with a rate of 85 per 100,000.
Editorial: Chinook ancestors would be proud
Editorial: Chinook ancestors would be proud
The Stevens family has shown remarkable patience and restraint as one investigation after another tried to pin blame on Clinton and/or the Obama administration in general.
Astoria Lions honor The Daily Astorian
Astoria Lions honor The Daily Astorian
Astoria Lions Club recognizes The Daily Astorian for its generosity over decades.
Editorial: Our best benefactors
Giving a scholarship is an investment
Editorial: Dying forests are emergencies
The U.S. Forest Service spent 56 percent of its budget last year on firefighting, compared to 16 percent in 1995.
Editorial: Time to allow pot to join real world
The realities of rapid industrialization of marijuana are constantly being driven home by news reports.
Editorial: Why make it easy for terrorists?
Why not disarm homegrown terrorists ?
Editorial: Forecasting ocean conditions is smart
What happens in the ocean can have massive impacts on land.
Editorial: What is Kate Brown afraid of?
With every week, Kate Brown demonstrates her unwillingness to be a leader.
Editorial: Just say ‘no’ to gun ownership
Data on federal criminal background checks show a continuing surge in gun buying in Oregon and around the nation.