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Editorial: Secrecy inhibits real solutions
Secrecy in public affairs too often merely shields incompetence

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Editorial: This is an outrage
Closing forests to the 1st Amendment is dark side of Obama presidency.
Editorial: This brand of evil
President Obama was at his best in front of the United Nations General Assembly.
Editorial: Train wreck ahead

People must come first,

not high-tech weapons

In what world would a superpower that can’t afford to maintain its interstate highways and feed all its people embark upon a multidecade $1 trillion upgrade of weapons systems it...

Editorial: Nation’s poverty seems intractable

Raise the federal minimum wage

With the recession technically having ended quite a while ago, it will strike many as surprising that Oregon’s poverty rate bucked national trends by rising from 13.5 percent to more than 15 percent in a...

Editorial: How do we acknowledge our history’s messiness?
Rediscovering a town's history is a valuable process.
Editorial: Medications take-back is a good strategy

Now it needs funding

An expert in public health policies voices a frustration shared by many Americans: “It’s baffling that it’s so easy to get a prescription for opioids and yet so difficult to dispose of these drugs...

Editorial: Some changes can’t quickly be taken back
Some changes are more difficult than others to recover from.
Editorial: Honoring our natural surroundings
Preservation or enhancement of nature is a reasonable goal for Clatsop County.
Editorial: Restoration pays off in record salmon returns

Maintaining focus is key to continued success

Back in 1775 when Spaniard Bruno de Heceta sighted the Columbia River from aboard the Santiago, the Native Fish Society figures annual salmon runs were between 11 million and 16 million fish —...

Editorial: Label us unconvinced
No on GMO measure