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Editorial: Bloodshed visits Seaside
Editorial: Bloodshed visits Seaside
Habitual felon with a gun begs questions

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Editorial: Klamath deal lives in spite of Walden
Moving the Klamath River deal forward is essential.
Editorial: Management by lawsuit is a blunt instrument
The federal hatcheries, along with others operated by the states, are mainly responsible for maintaining salmon runs now that the river system is dammed.
Editorial: Wal-Mart is fickle
Beware the hazards of Wa-Mart
Editorial: Time to speak up for commercial fishing
The forecast for the important spring Chinook run is about 300,000 to the river’s mouth
Editorial: This would remove tools for suicide
Removing firearms from suicidal people would be a step forward
Editorial: Raise trial court judges’ salaries
Oregon's compensation of its judges is shameful
Editorial: Oregon lights a fire under coal power
The age of coal is over.
Editorial: Governor launches a smart initiative
Could a public-private partnership in state education strategy happen?
Editorial: Difficult spot
Whatever the outcome of the Linn County lawsuit on state forests revenue Clatsop County is the mother lode – of timber and carbon sequestration.
Editorial: Art is part of who we are
And its significance could grow
Editorial: Call before you dig
Good public service is more than just reliable lights
Editorial: What shall we learn from Flint’s bad water?
Flint Michigan's water woes are the ultimate wake-up call
Editorial: Don’t blow it
The Port's momentum is valuable and must not be squandered.
Editorial: World doesn’t realize we’re in this together
In our neighborhood, recognition that everyone’s livelihood was being endangered led to some of the world’s earliest effective conservation measures.
Editorial: A generation is lost to drugs
Death rate of young white adults is eye-popping
Editorial: 40 years of no growth should be an alarm bell
Federal policies have contributed to Harney County's economic decline.
Editorial: Which nation do we want?
Editorial: Which nation do we want?
Today's holiday is about moving forward with optimism instead of being trapped by pessimism and the past.
Editorial: Oyster growers need shimp solution
Oyster gowers argued last week that they face financial disaster if they aren’t granted a permit to use the spray imidacloprid.
Editorial: The expensive, bad joke needs to end
When protesters stay too long they begin to look silly
Editorial: Advantages of police body cameras flow both ways
Video can provide an undeniable record of police interactions with suspects
Editorial: CNN won’t report on the sage grouse deal
Sen. Wyden's work on the sage grouse is very important, but it won't get the attention that armed occupiers receive.
Editorial: President Obama does heavy lifting
On our epidemic of gun violence: If not now, when?
Editorial: Crab is back; cash begins to flow
The painful delay is over
Editorial: Why won’t Gov. Brown lead Oregon on PERS?
Why is Gov. Kate Brown silent on the financial burden of PERS?
Editorial: Righteous protest or goons with guns?
These aren’t responsible ranchers who itch for bloodshed