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The first Thanksgiving
The first Thanksgiving
The story of Thanksgiving

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Editorial: All this paperwork for weed removal?
Editorial: All this paperwork for weed removal?
The federal government needs to study the impact of pulling weeds.
Editorial: When wildlife is a threat
Human-bear conflicts are mostly due to human negligence; it's time for appropriate local ordinances on the Pacific Northwest Coast
Editorial: Why the wait?
Kitzhaber manipulates fisheries policy by denying northwest Oregon a seat on the Fish and Wildlife Commission
Editorial: Assault victims have to live with pain
OSU case demonstrates regional relevance of concerns about the need to take sexual assaults on campus seriously
Editorial: The bad rural news, retold one more time
It is sad to see a timber town not making the turn to a more diverse economy
Editorial: Why the silence from the county?
Sometimes stating the obvious is the most essential thing an elected leader can do.
Editorial: China’s commitment is a wake-up call
China's agreement on climate change is a game-changer, for America
Editorial: Oysters woes do indeed reveal changing ocean conditions
Acidification is a genuine problem for Pacific oysters
Editorial: Man bites dog; farmer beats developer
Editorial: Man bites dog; farmer beats developer
An Idaho farmer is showing us why farmland preservation matters.
Editorial: Exxon-Valdez delays prove the need for oil-train guarantees
Wrangling over Exxon Valdez damages demonstrates need for states to care of themselves when it comes to energy transportation