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Editorial: Good outcome for Astoria’s library
Building a new public library on Heritage Square makes sense

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Editorial: Oregon farmland oupaces stock market
Oregon's land use planning gets another endorsement
Editorial: Our indexed minimum wage still makes sense
Jumping Oregon's minimum wage to $15 would swamp more than a few smal-l and mid-sized businesses
Editorial: Any new refinery must fully internalize costs
This project must fully immunize the Columbia River
Editorial: Purchased politicians still betraying American principles
Tuesday by the Seattle Times, the U.S. House voted this week to gut a law that tries to protect mobile-home buyers from predatory sales tactics and high-interest loans.
Editorial: CEDR should explore child care initiatives
Child care is a make or break need for working couples
Editorial: We invented our own event, and it lasted
The Daily Astorian Invitational Track Meet is our most prominent sponsorship.
Of Cabbages and Kings: The Mouth of the Columbia is back
Of Cabbages and Kings: The Mouth of the Columbia is back
The Maddox sisters – honored at the Liberty Theater – have enriched Astoria.
Editorial: The season of the fundraiser
Our region lives on volunteerism and philanthropy
Editorial: Give rural people greater say in resource decisions
That regional divide can be at least partially redressed, if we choose.
Editorial: Better for residents, attractive to visitors
Astoria has made itself more hospitable, and it's paying off.
Editorial: Healthier airport makes for a stronger local society
Airport is a good deal for all
Editorial: Investigation finds quagmire of mobile-home abuses
Warren Buffet companies take a shockingly aggressive approach to mobile home sales, financing and repossession
Editorial: It’s not too late
Port of Astoria has assembled a good group to plan the boatyard
Editorial: Doing the job well
City deserves credit for execution of a huge public works project.
Editorial: Sen. Merkley offers six more rules changes
It's hard to change the U.S. Senate's ways but Jeff Merkley's is trying
Editorial: Study finds good payoff for habitat restoration
Habitat restoration can produce smolts at about the same cost as rearing them in a hatchery
Editorial: Gov. Brown sounds a trumpet
Rationing water in California marks the beginning of a new era
Editorial: Little oil spills add up
Small oil spills can add up to big trouble
Editorial: Backlash from Monsanto’s ‘hubris’ ignores science
Monsanto belatedly admits "hubris" in promoting biotech advances.
Editorial: More than good wishes is what saves buildings
There are valid objections to preserving only the outer shells of historic buildings, but architectural solutions still must fit with contemporary needs
Editorial: Now is the time for water-rights reform
Water scarcity becoming a reality
Editorial: Build on progress
Rather than demolition, the rational act would be to build on and refine Obamacare
Editorial: Fish is mostly a very healthy choice
Eating fish is still a healthy choice for the most part
Editorial: Electric rail holds enormous gains
Rail transport has enormous energy-saving opportunity.
Editorial: Immunizations aren’t just for children
National focus is on skipping childhood immunizations, but adults also need to be mindful of the issue