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Editorial: Old building, new owner
A property sale at 12th and Commercial promises good things for downtown Astoria

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Cabbages and Kings: July 29, 2015
Cabbages and Kings: July 29, 2015
California driving is Oregon driving on steroids.
Editorial: Keeping marijuana away from kids requires vigorous efforts
Legalization poses difficult issues
Editorial: Early learning gives students a boost
Astoria is a poster child for rural pre-kindergarten care
Editorial: Schnitzer generosity provides long-range future for Confluence Project
Regional benefactor jump starts an endowment for long-term care of a major art installation
Editorial: ‘Local’ control would create patchwork of regulations
The Secretary of State's Office has put a major hurdle in the way of a proposed Oregon ballot initiative that seeks an end to state and federal supremacy. While efforts to allow more local control have democratic appeal, the result would be chaos.
Editorial: Don’t keep us waiting
As with all artistic endeavors, there is messiness behind the curtain of the Astoria Music Festival
Editorial: ‘The height of irresponsibility’
Former Vice President Al Gore says it is insane to permit Arctic oil development.
Editorial: Drought is hammering migratory species and wetlands
It’s time for personal and agency action to save birds
Editorial: Trump imitates Amy Schumer
In any job search – including the presidency – temperament and attitude are a huge factor.
Editorial: What’s going on Heritage Square?
Slow and steady is the way to accomplish a major public works project such as Heritage Square
Editorial: Enough is enough
Long Beach Fourth of July was out of control
Editor’s Notebook: Bitterness abounds in the race ahead
Editor’s Notebook: Bitterness abounds in the race ahead
Perhaps our presidential campaigns go on much too long. Perhaps not.
Editorial: Bring Tourist No. 2 home
We should explore purpose and funding of historic ferry
Editorial: ‘Nature does the teaching’
Getting young people into nature is an antidote to our technology obsessed culture
Editorial: Medicare’s decision is a game changer
End-o- life discussions are difficult at best, and they are essential
Editorial: Be careful what you wish for
Our drier, warmer summer stresses salmon, steelhead
Editorial: Legislature was decisive
The Legislature's attention to private business was a mixed blessing
Editorial: It’s about time
Starting early next year, laws signed by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown last week will allow prescription-free purchase of oral contraceptives for a year at a time directly from pharmacists.
Editorial: In defense of Madonna and her farm
Editorial: In defense of Madonna and her farm
Pop queen Madonna is being unfairly criticized for her use of a legitimate ag tax break.
Editorial: Where does Sen. Wyden stand on Oregon LNG?
Senator, governor clarify our relationship to Oregon LNG
US must reduce deadly use of force
The Guardian newspaper’s database demonstrates the difficulties of easily categorizing these deadly interactions between civilians and law-enforcement personnel.
Editorial: Hectic weekend highlights strains of popularity
Especially on big weekends, crowds test limits of the coast's carrying capacity
Editorial: All about the West for eastern consumption
Another East Coast writer discovers the West
Editorial: Don’t do drugs
Marjuana offers more than a simple choice.
Editorial: A 14-letter word that spells security
Without solid infrastructure — bridges and highways — the United States will literally come to a halt.