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Editorial: Brownsmead pulls it off
The Corps of Engineers andCongress have forced places like Brownsmead to be "self-insured"

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Editorial: Oregon needs more auditing capacity
Oregon state government lacks a way to examine its mistakes.
Editorial: Don’t hold Coast Guard hostage to misguided politics
Playing political games with Homeland Security will never be appropriate
Editor’s Notebook: ‘We’re the iPhone 6 of West Coast destinations’
Editor’s Notebook: ‘We’re the iPhone 6 of West Coast destinations’
Producing Our Coast magazine is a year-long project
Editorial: Our new governor’s mixed messages
What did Gov. Kate Brown mean and when did she mean it?
Editorial: Yes, the NW Forest Plan can stand to be improved
Rethinking Northwest Forest Plan causes heartburn in some quarters, but in some ways isn't a bad idea
Editorial: Climate change is real, Congress isn’t
A consortium of businesses is preparing for climate change, and they don't care whether the pending dynamic is manmade.
Editorial: Mixed-use library concept makes sense
The new library concept is an old concept, and a good one
Editorial: Preservation can be costly for a community
Sometimes, pragmatic realities get in the way of the laudable aspirations of enthusiastic external preservationists
Editorial: Who will she be?
Editorial: Who will she be?
How will our new governor attempt to connect with rural Oregon
Editorial: Pasco killing is a familiar refrain
Shooting of an unarmed man by three Pasco officers suggests that an imbalance in power between authorities and low-income residents isn't just an eastern issue
Editorial: With crisis at the door, Congress leaves town
Congress'' work schedule is at odds with what most Americans face
Editorial: Rating presidents requires a mirror
Editorial: Rating presidents requires a mirror
Presidents are reassessed long after they are out of office
Editorial: Does the Wellville campaign matter?
The Road to Wellville has some of the appearances of a bait and switch operation.
Editorial: Tar sand expenses must stick on those who profit
Up to 10 mile-long tar sands trains per month are now moving between Canada and destinations on Puget Sound, Portland and California.
Editorial: Port of Astoria gets a do-over
The Port of Astoria has an opportunity to revisit its unfortunate decision on the former Red Lion property.
Editorial: Time to restore natural balance
Scaled-back plan to manage Lower Columbia River cormorant population is a reasonable wildlife-management strategy
Editorial: Saving iconic views sometimes happens one boiler at a time
Editorial: Saving iconic views sometimes happens one boiler at a time

There are iconic scenes scattered throughout the lands and waters of the lower Columbia River region, views that incrementally add to the appreciation residents and visitors feel for this extraordinarily historic area.

This factor makes it well...

Editorial: Convince us; don’t sue us
Environmentalist groups' reliance on batteries of lawyers does not persuade Americans that the environmentalist agenda is wise
Editorial: Finding a path forward was key hope of departed Chinook leader
Tribe will start a new era in ernest with the death of farsighted leader Ray Gardner
Editorial: Timber economy is quite alive
Our region was built on the timber industry and it remains relevant to our economy
Editorial: Time for a thorough look at Grand Coulee salmon restoration
Correcting a huge blunder at Grand Coulee Dam would be a giant stride for Columbia River salmon restoration
Editorial: Leaders often play to two audiences
Bohner's invitation to the Israeli prime minister casts a new light on the House speaker's tactical intelligence
Editorial: Come clean about gillnet fishing emails
When will Kitzhaber release emails bearing on the gillnet decision?
Editorial: Attention, funding will aid grad rates
More attention and money could help county graduation rates
Editorial: Englund Marine is a community asset
Businesses like Englund Marine are a boon to a small town