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Editorial: Today is about the cost of war
AP Photo/Susan Walsh
Editorial: Today is about the cost of war
Every war creates a new generation of veterans

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Editorial: The last first drowning
More is clearly needed to avoid drownings.
Editorial: Leave them alone, give them space
Rarely are animal babies actually abandoned
Editorial: Congress finally agrees for the good
If it goes through as expected, the law will be the biggest gain for chemical safety in four decades.
Editorial: Food is Astoria’s new big thing
Food is what's happening in Astoria
Editorial: GMOs are not the villain or panacea some believed
Rarely have so many worried so much about so little.
Editorial: Warrenton has a good library opportunity
Warrenton's deterioating library building opens the door to new opportun ity
Editorial: Don’t let new technology get in the way of safety
Some local cops believe an upgrade to Washington State Patrol's radio communications technology has inadvertently placed officers at greater risk.
Editorial: Sealed landfill became a mecca
The Warrenton soccer complex is the gift that keeps on giving.
Editorial: Brown shows contradition on transparency
The Governor's Office won't explain why it's important to keep the public out of meetings of a committee working to define the scope of a review of the Department of Transportation.
Editorial: Who’s the farmer’s friend?
Editorial: Who’s the farmer’s friend?
Democrat Hillary Clinton, a former senator and secretary of state, and Republican businessman Donald Trump have given agriculture short shrift during the long campaign.
Editorial: CMH has come a long way in 25 years
In 25 years, Columbia Memorial Hospital has come very far.
Editorial: Obama revives a bad Park Service proposal
Our parks are for all time, not just today, and for all Americans, not just those who can figure out some means to profit from them
Editorial: Feds are running out of half measures
Editorial: Feds are running out of half measures
A judge rejected government’s latest plan for offsetting the damage that dams in the Columbia River Basin pose to salmon.
Editorial: The last sensible Republican leader
Editorial: The last sensible Republican leader
Paul Ryan does what a leader is supposed to do
Editorial: Gearhart risks losing its singularity
Gearhart is slowly becoming something else
Editorial: We live here
Social media's dark side can debase public discourse and at lightning speed
Editorial: Speak now on coal exports upriver
The terminal would create numerous environmental risks.
Editorial: Some species protection may become impossible
Editorial: Some species protection may become impossible
Transplantation and strategic triage will become the norm
Editorial: Oregon kinda, sorta matters
It's been awhile, but the Oregon Primary kinda, sorta matters again.
Editorial: Forestry has come a long way
Oregonians exhibit a fairly sophisticated understanding of the role forestry plays in job creation, open-space preservation, supporting local government operations, and providing other benefits.
Editorial: Good news, bad news on fish stocks
For communities like ours at the mouth of the Columbia, loss of any major fishery is like removing one leg of a table
Editorial: Visitors abound as festival season begins
Festivals are part of the economic lifeblood of our region.
Editorial: Dawn McIntosh for Circuit Court judge
Though not as visible, judges are an essential element of local government.
Editorial: Good riddance, Jim Crow
For most of the nation and especially in the states of the old Confederacy, Jim Crow is code for a set of racist attitudes and formal laws that were designed to enforce a regressive racial caste system.
Editorials: Pulling out of day care would be an earthquake
It is a pipe dream to believe that another entity will take over the day care program the city operates.