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Editorial: At what cost?
The slogan "save the Waldorf" is easy to say, but costly to implement

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Editorial: Obama’s message is clear and bright
"The shadow of crisis" is behind us
Editorial: What role should the USA play?
Obama makes mature argument for international cooperation
Editorial: Our neighbors, yearning to breathe free
Obama is not suggesting a full amnesty for everyone who has entered the United States illegally.
Editorial: MLK reminded Americans of a core value: equality
Editorial: MLK reminded Americans of a core value: equality
Equality for all was Martin Luther King's message
‘I have a dream’
‘I have a dream’
I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.
Editorial: Building community through service
Annual selections highlight the importance of community involvement
Editorial: Tax tale of two states: Oregon mostly gets it right
New study re-emphasizes a longstanding reality: Oregonians have it much better than they imagine when it comes to taxes, while Washington residents ought to be rebelling
Editorial: Our well-being under the microscope
Meetings set for Road to Wellville
Editorial: Coast’s Steller sea lions prove recovery is possible
Steller sea lions make a comeback
Editorial: Don’t shoot the messenger
American should keep the postal service
Editorial: Enduring courage is the only answer to fanaticism
Editorial: Enduring courage is the only answer to fanaticism
Murders of journalists in Paris is an attack of freedom of expression everywhere
Editorial: Do us a favor: Get a flu shot
It's especially important to take influenza seriously this year
Editorial: Speak now on waterfront priorities
Speak up on riverfront plan
Editorial: Ducks show nation the stuff of champions
New NCAA football championship structure provides Oregon teams with a better shot at national prominence
Editorial: America in 2015: Warming the homeless
Warming shelter serves a need
Editorial: Better way to handle disputes at nation’s ports
Labor disupute hurts farmers
Editorial: Rejoice! Flavel house is about to reawaken
An era may be coming to an end as neglected treasure is brought back to life
Editorial: A voice of reason on minimum wage
Editorial: A voice of reason on minimum wage
Oregon's still-recovering economy can't yet bear an aggressive increase in the minimum wage
Editorial: If children are our future will we pass the test?
North Coast Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici is offering a path to make testing more relevant to public school secondary education
Editorial: Supreme Court shouldn’t intervene in marijuana issue
Federal lawsuit may endanger marijuana legalization efforts
Editorial: Contrived drama, or real oversight?
The Clatsop County Commission's meeting behind closed doors could have been done in public.
Editorial: Council smart to continue supporting hatcheries
Northwest Power and Conservation Council affirms the continuing role of hatcheries in making certain there are enough salmon to go around
Editorial: Here’s an idea worth supporting
State assistance is the missing link with historic restoration.
Editorial: Cowlitz casino fight merits close attention
Cowlitz casino legal fight raises issues for other area tribes and citizens
Editorial: It is time to break the ice with Cuba
Once more, President Obama has chosen to move ahead, not accept inertia.