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Letter: Wev has passion for good government
Laurie Caplan re Pam Wev

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Jack Zimmerman re Gearhart elk herd
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Michael A. Miller re jail bond
Letter: Re-elect Smith for Gearhart council
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Claudia Russell re Pam Wev
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Bryan Kidder re Pam Wev
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Marcia Fenske re new hotel plans
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Christine Bridgens re ballot measures
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Carl Dominey re voting
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Ann Lederer re Bruce Jones
Letter: Re-elect Smith to Gearhart council
Russ and Nancy Taggard re Kerry Smith
Letter: Let’s do something about climate change
Robert Brake re global warming
Letter: Vote Mitchell for state representative
Watt Childress re Tiffiny Mitchell
Letter: Vote Taylor for Astoria mayor
Phyllis Cook re Dulcye Taylor
Letter: Jones would be an excellent mayor
Craig and Sara Wisti re Bruce Jones
Letter: Invest in our future with school bond
Andrew Mattingly re Astoria school bond
Letter: Wev a breath of fresh air for commissioner
Cecilia Kidder re Pam Wev
Letter: Smith doesn’t condone stealing of signs
Susan Edy re Kerry Smith
Letter: Taylor will make an excellent mayor
Patsy Oser re Dulcye Taylor
Letter: Vote Wev for county commissioner
Cheryl Johnson re Pam Wev
Letter: Jones has what Astoria needs
Mike Davies re Bruce Jones