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Letter: Neglect
Robert Adams re neglecting values

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Letter: Amendments
Cleve Rolfe re U.S. Constitution
Letter: Outstanding
Mike Blair re Astoria Regatta
Letter: Urge to educate
Criag Rottman re education of refugee children
Letter: Beach privilege
Jessica Childress re driving on the beach
Letter: Thank you
Rebecca Rubens and Annie Eskelin thank you letter
Letter: Don’t trivialize
Jack Osterberg re cars on the beach
Letter: Bad edition
Dixie Gainer re PERS
Letter: Good job, Tim
Claudia VonSeggern re Tim VonSeggern
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Mark Kujala re Astoria Regatta
Letter: Biased media
Don Haskell re AP
Letter: Lax laws
Jim Elvin re immigration
Letter: Good call
Mike Green re Astoria Library
Letter: Enough
Carol Scherer re Measure 97
Letter: No Trump
Joseph Webb re Trump
Letter: Respect police
Maurie Hendrickson re support police
Letter: Can’t see the forest
Roger Dorband re Oregon forests
Letter: Disappointed
Sam Devereaux re Astoria Library
Letter: Trump and Russia
Rod Dawson re Trump
Letter: Fund library
Patti Jones re Astoria Library
Letter: A job well done
Michael Manion re Steve Forrester's Aug. 3 editorial
Letter: I’ll sign second
Pat Wilson re letter to the governor
Letter: Ferry memories
Bill Cook re days gone by
Letter: No more Mo’s
Paul Yearout re Mo's
Letter: Mini Las Vegas?
Molly Edison re survey
Letter: A dim view
Stephen Berk re Russia