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Letter: It’s about the money
Lisa Cerveny and David Russell re Measure 4-188

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Letter: Save our community
Jim and Marilyn Gilbaugh re Measure 4-188
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Maggie Shumaker re Measure 4-188
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Letter: Beach fire concerns
Merilee Laurens re beach fire hazards
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Hannah Medford re bad parenting
Letter: Save the neighborhood
Eric Halperin re Measure 4-188
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Beatrice Michel re Measure 4-188
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Roger Dorband re assault weapons
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Troy Haskell re
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Joe Bialek re gun control
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Stewart Epstein re limited-government conservatives
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George Gideon re Seaside car crash
Letter: Keep Gearhart a gem
Sharon Kloepfer re Gearhart short-term rentals
Letter: Send bills to NRA
Joyce Hoffman re gun control
Letter: Vote for Warrenton Library
Eileen Purcell re Warrenton Community Library
Letter: Critical reasoning?
M. A. “Sasha” Miller re CCC redevelopment
Letter: Don’t be fooled, be educated
Wilson Mark re Gearhart short-term rentals
Letter: Nation should repent
Carl Yates re senseless behavior
Letter: Keep Oregon residential
Randy Wiltgen re Gearhart short-term rentals
Letter: Let’s use clean energy
Louise Stonington re clean energy
Letter: ‘It’s about the money’
Roger Dorband re logging in watershed
Letter: Making a difference
Terry Smith re diabetes
Letter: Embrace the spiders
Norm Hooge re spiders