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Letter: Investigate Life Flight
Robert Potter re Life Flight bond measure

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Letter: Keep climate in mind
David Lee Myers re Earth Day
Letter: Exemplary journalism
Erhard Gross re journalism
Letter: Keep Fulton at Port
Laurie Drage re Stephen Fulton
Letter: Fulton is the choice
Don Dyer re Stephen Fulton
Letter: Keep health board members
Lauren Harms re Clatsop Care Health District Board
Letter: Cross-train nurses
Mary Romanaggi re cross-training nurses
Letter: Mental health care needed
Kaitlyn Landwehr re mental health care
Letter: More lunch choices
Andrew Goozee re school lunch
Letter: Patrol Brownsmead roads
Andrew Bryant re driving in Brownsmead
Letter: School safety
Emilee Olson re student safety
Letter: Drop standardized tests
Braedon Eltagonde re standardized testing
Letter: Careless bus drivers
David Graves re school bus drivers
Letter: Spence has leadership
Phyllis Cook and Jack Guyot re Frank Spence
Letter: Astoria Airport taxpayer bond boondoggle
Scott Widdicombe re Life Flight bond measure
Letter: Fulton is accountable
Lilly Lee re Steve Fulton
Letter: Don’t raise water bills
Kathleen Paino re water bill
Letter: Privacy at school
Jacob Fresh re school privacy issues
Letter: Keep the woods clean
Ethan Rubus re garbage in the woods
Letter: Needs a stop sign
Alisha Murphy re stop sign needed
Letter: Fix the slump
Desiree Andrade re Highway 202
Letter: End Port insanity
Roger Rocka re May election
Letter: Stokes for health district
Margaret Frimoth re Mindy Stokes
Letter: Keep Campbell on Port
Carol Gearin re Port Commission
Letter: Vote Rohne for Port
Debbie Twombly re Dirk Rohne
Letter: Letter to Port staff
Bill Hunsinger re Port stormwater violations