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Letter: Shared housing
Iris Daire re cooperative housing

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Letter: Coretta King’s letter
Monica Taylor re Sessions confirmation hearing
Letter: Regressive proposition
Matt Janes re hard times
Letter: Grateful postal patrons
Janet Salenski re Astoria post office
Letter: News, not views
Eric Olson re partisan views
Letter: Moving the warrior
Reba Owen re Warrenton warrior statue
Letter: What give us the right?
Sandy Nielson re presidential actions
Letter: Promote sea lions
Ninette Jones re sea lions
Letter: Plea for school clubs
Johnathon Kenenounis re school clubs
Letter: Where’s the coverage?
Jean Herman re pro-life marches
Letter: Thoughtful decision
Helen Westbrook re timber lawsuit
Letter: Unfair assessment

Regarding the Clatsop County Reclassification of Forestland: In the fiscal year 2016-17, according to the Clatsop County Budget in Brief, the county received $5,065,495. Approximately $7 to $8 million in revenue was produced in timber; another $2.1 to...

Letter: Opting out
Joseph Herman re timber lawsuit
Letter: A college of fools
Jack Guyot re Electoral College
Letter: Illegal?
Robert Boehm re illegal aliens
Letter: Keep EPA strong

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1960s, a world existed without the Environmental Protection Agency, Clean Air or Clean Water Act. Lake Erie was dead from the toxic water emptying into it from the Cuyahoga River. Steel mills and chemical plants...

Letter: A game to remember

The NFL in one game rekindled the attention of the world. Not since the 1967 “Ice Bowl” NFL Championship between Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers and Tom Landry’s Dallas Cowboys has the sporting world been regaled by...

Letter: Obscene profits

I’m sad to see “Welcome Walmart” letters to the editor in The Daily Astorian. They will add 500 part-time, low paying jobs in Warrenton. They have obscene profits our local small business can’t compete with. Their buying...

Letter: On visas and vetting
On visas and vetting
Letter: Funds needed
John Dunzer re timber lawsuit
Letter: Real statistics
David Fitch re employment statistics
Letter: Food for the hungry?
R. Roth re hunger
Letter: Reconciling differences
Julie Snyder re compromises
Letter: Opt out of unions
Jim Elvin re unions
Letter: Lies are lies
Paul Flues II re Trump
John and Jackie Wecker re refugee immigrants