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Letter: Change of focus at Port
David Isaacs re Port election

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Letter: Voter pamphlets needed
Frank Erickson re voter pamphlet
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Dianne Widdop re short term rentals
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Laurie Caplan re no voter pamplet
Letter: Thank you, Steve
Richard Stelzig re Steve Fulton
Letter: Mother’s Day
Karen Flores re Mothers’ Day poem
Letter: Same old photos
Larry Ziak re The Daily Astorian
Letter: ‘Fake news’ is here
Dan Nebert re 100 words
Letter: Stokes is committed
Nancy Cook re Mindy Stokes
Letter: Alternate facts
William Bell re marijuana cure
Letter: Grain Fest fun
Jenny Bergman et al thank you letter
Letter: Asking tough questions
Matt Sopko re Stephen Fulton
Letter: Congress for cures: science is a bipartisan issue
Dr. Joe Robertson re NIH funding
Letter: Columbia River healing
Rozanne Faulkner re methanol refinery
Letter: Time for change
Pam Ackley re Port election
Letter: Explaining micromanagement
Roger Rocka re micromanagement
Letter: Support for Life Flight
William Long re Life Flight
Letter: Fulton comes prepared
Mark Kujala re Steve Fulton
Letter: Campbell’s integrity
Lou Larson re Jim Campbell
Letter: Why I’m concerned about Mar-a-Lago
Megan Powell re Mar-a-Lago