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Letter: Put racism behind
Libby Lawrence re Confederate flag

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Letter: Thanks for editorial
Jean Hooge re needle exchange program
Letter: Never again
Laura Russell re Regatta parade
Letter: Officials’ neglect
George McCartin re Astoria Police Department
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Letter: Flag of oppression
Toni Leance re Confederate flag
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Jack Guyot re Trump
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Don Haskell re The New York Times
Letter: Supporting Hyak Maritime
Carol Toristoja re Hyak Maritime
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Matt Janes re paving paradise
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Melvin and Elizabeth Jasmin re disabled parking/access at the county fair
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Tim Hill re North Tongue Point
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Joseph Webb re Trump
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Rex Amos re elected officials
Letter: Quick stamp of approval
Chris Connaway re Port of Astoria
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Robert Brake re Trump rhetoric
Letter: Three wise monkeys
Gary Durheim re Seaside short term rentals
Letter: Three wise monkeys
Gary Durheim re Seaside short term rentals
Letter: High cost of not thinking
David R. Isaacs re S. 720, Social Security and Obamacare
Letter: Grim thinking
Fred Lundin re thinking and wondering
Letter: Unifying Gearhart
Dianne Widdop re Ballot Measure 4-188
Letter: Thanks, Coast Guard
Carol Lambert thank you letter
Letter: Helping those in need
Sara Meyer re Warming Center
Letter: Check out ham radio
David Skarra re ham radio
Letter: Excellent staging
LeeAnne Campos re “She Loves Me”
Letter: Criminalizing dissent
Sue Skinner S. 720