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Letter: Bad idea
Timothy Bish re Miles Crossing development

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David Skarra re Northwest Wild Products
Letter: Insanity
Paul Flues re gun control
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Paul van der Veldt re the Mouth of the Columbia
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Louis Sargent re Hillary Clinton
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Christopher Montano thank you letter
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Kylee Winlund re Astoria
Letter: Forgetting forestry
Tabitha Adams re forestry
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Dick Darby re Life in the Slow Lane
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Pamela Jacobson re Bernie Sanders
Letter: Defend trees
Louise Christianson re Oregon forests
Letter: Thanks, Slow Lane
Nancy Magathan re Life in the Slow Lane
Letter: Library question
Paxton Hoag re Astoria Library
Letter: Rail change
Jim Santee re rail travel
Letter: Trump truths
Rod Dawson re Trump
Letter: Budget control?
Philip Hall re Cannon Beach budget
Letter: Thank you
Kathleen Sullivan thank you letter
Letter: Upgrade lights
David Graves re red lights
Letter: Surviving together
Scot Roskelley re surviving survival