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Letter: Our president is proving himself untrustworthy
Darrell Clukey re President Trump

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Letter: Confession of a sea lover
Norm Hooge re the Pacific Ocean
Letter: Pesticides are killing our bees
Rick Powers re bees
Letter: We need foster parents in Clatsop County
Julia Mabry re child welfare
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Larry Allen re homeless problem
Letter: Cannon Beach Chamber should listen to community
Lolly Champion re Cannon Beach
Letter: ‘Evangelicals’ don’t all support Trump
John Wecker re evangelical Christians
Letter: Stop warehousing children
Carolyn Eady re immigrant children
Letter: Why are we so afraid of everything?
RD Smith re immigrant children
Letter: Good luck to high school graduates
Rep. Deborah Boone re 2018 graduates
Letter: Don’t separate immigrant children from parents
Monica Taylor
Letter: Trump’s foreign policy strategy is different
Don Haskell re foreign relations
Letter: How will we look at this in the future?
Carol Lucas re immigrant children
Letter: Poison in paradise
Gwendolyn Endicott re forest spraying
Letter: End reckless spraying of pesticides
Jane Anderson re pesticide spraying
Letter: Celebrate coming out of the shadows
Rodney Merrill re lighting the Column
Letter: If a Democratic president were doing this, you’d be horrified
Eric Halperin re President Donald Trump
Letter: God bless our president
Carl Yates re President Trump
Letter: Redo the election, fair and legal
Carl Dominey re election do-over
Letter: There is an ugliness permeating our nation
Jean Hooge re Trump’s policies
Letter: Why do so many people tolerate President Trump?
K Lambert re President Trump
Letter: We expect commissioners to ask tough questions
Mindy Stokes re county management
Letter: Thanks for sprucing up Ocean View Cemetery
Barbara Dunn thank you letter
Letter: Please don’t smoke on the Seaside Promenade
Sandra Garvin re smoking on the Seaside Promenade
Letter: Discontent should motivate your dreams
Jim Bernard discontent
Letter: Trump has upset the apple cart and burned it
Joyce Carrell re Trump policies