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Letter: Academy support

Phillip Simmons re Cannon Beach Academy

Published on August 29, 2014 11:00AM

After nearly three years of efforts, the fate of our public charter school, the Cannon Beach Academy, rests in the hands of the state Board of Education. We appear, along with the Seaside School District, in Salem Oct. 23

At stake is not simply a measure of convenience for families in Cannon Beach. At stake is the ability for parents who live within the Seaside School District to have a real and meaningful choice in their child’s educational opportunities.

If you look at the last school report card, you see that prior to its closure, Cannon Beach Elementary School was ranked at a Level 5 (top 10 percent of all schools statewide), and above average compared to elementary schools with similar student demographics in the state. It was ranked much higher than the other elementary schools in our district.

The Cannon Beach Academy will use a curriculum consisting of Direct Instruction and the Core Knowledge Sequence. Both have proven effective in helping all students, including educationally disadvantaged students, master the material presented. These curricula have the benefit of increasing self-confidence among students. There are currently no classes within the Seaside School District offering either Direct Instruction or the Core Knowledge Sequence.

We have accepted applications for enrollment from 104 children; 75 from Cannon Beach/Arch Cape, 25 from Seaside/Gearhart and four from out of district. More than 50 percent of children applied to enroll are Hispanic. More than 50 percent are eligible for free or reduced lunches.

We have raised more than $30,000 in various fundraising activities and have secured more than $418,000 in pledges of support.

We have a proven curriculum, we have families who want to send their children to our public charter school, and we have the resources required to operate our school. We are confident our appeal will be granted.

We meet at the Oregon Department of Education building, Room 251A. The time has yet to be determined. Feel free to attend and show your support.

Philip Simmons

Arch Cape


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