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Letter: Pushy

Nancy Holmes re Linn County lawsuit

Published on February 5, 2016 12:01AM

I am always happy to give my opinion on most subjects, and actually enjoy participating in phone surveys when time permits. When answering a recorded voice survey recently however, I was disturbed by the rush of answering complex questions on a subject little-known to most, but addressed so eloquently by Roger Dorband (“Economic terrorism,” The Daily Astorian, Jan 29).

Our Clatsop County Commission is being asked to join the Linn County lawsuit to basically change the ratio of chopping down our forests, among other things, for a perceived lack of money due Linn County. I raised this Linn County lawsuit issue at a recent county commission meeting, so I knew a little about it, but I felt as though I could not push the buttons on my phone fast enough to keep up with the recorded confusing questions and answers.

Among the many questions asked: Should the Clatsop County Commissioners join the Linn County lawsuit? Had I ever voted against a school bond? Did I feel my taxes were being used in a fair manner? Well, you get the idea.

“Of course!” I shouted when a friend, hearing my exasperated rehash of the call, reminded me this type of phone survey is really a push poll. And, one of the kinder definitions: an opinion poll done with loaded questions or offering negative information to sway the opinions of those polled.

So now you are forewarned. How we maintain our forests is a very important issue. I urge you to discuss entering into this lawsuit with your county commissioner as soon as possible.

By the way, in case you get a call, the caller ID number is 503-111-1122. And good luck.

Nancy Holmes



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