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Letter: Hardball

Kindwyn Hoge re baseball for kids

Published on June 9, 2017 12:01AM

My son is in third grade. He signed up to play baseball with Seaside Kids Inc. this year. He did T-ball with Seaside Kids for two years. This was supposed to be his first time playing real baseball.

On April 27 we took him to what we thought was a baseball game, but when he went to play his coaches told him he was not on the team anymore because he was not skilled enough, and they only wanted skilled baseball players on the team he was assigned to. They did this in front of his teammates, and humiliated him in public, and made him feel like a failure.

My son, who used to love to play baseball, now does not want to have anything to do with baseball ever again. It has broken my heart to have to tell my child that he is not a failure as a person, and that what happened to him was not his fault.

My son did his best at practices, and never gave up. The coaches gave up on him because he apparently did not play like a professional baseball player. I thought sports was supposed to be a fun experience for kids to learn how to play a game, and to learn about teamwork, and develop a love of the sport. I was sadly mistaken.

It breaks my heart that my husband and I never got to go see him play games, and cheer him on. It hurts that my son feels like he does not deserve to be on any team at Seaside Kids Inc. unless he is a perfect player, who never makes mistakes.

Kindwyn Hoge



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