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Letter: Pot tourism insanity

Alexander Hands re cannabis tourism

Published on September 1, 2017 12:01AM

I’m 71, and have been smoking marijuana since 1966, and still smoke it daily. I think anybody who really thinks cannabis tourism will happen is insane. First, nobody cares. Anybody unfortunate enough to need pot habitually already has a lifestyle.

I’ve read Stoner Magazine, and I think, notwithstanding pages and pages of self-serving beautiful advertising, people aren’t just going to start smoking weed and following the String Cheese Incident band, or other Grateful Dead clones. Only people in search of extreme highness (escape) want super-strong pot, much less products like “shatter,” all designed to get you extremely high. Even more escape.

I have smoked “shatter” — it’s really strong and concentrated. I guess I don’t need to escape that badly.

Alexander P. Hands



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