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Letter: Afraid of accountability?

Monica J. Van Steenberg re ACLU campaign

Published on September 8, 2017 12:01AM

District attorneys like Josh Marquis need to stop being so worried about being held accountable (“ACLU puts heat on elected prosecutors,” The Daily Astorian, Aug. 29). Why is he so afraid? Voters?

Instead of fighting the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon’s “They Report to You” district attorney accountability campaign, district attorneys like Marquis should embrace it. They can use it as a way to connect better with constituents, to find out what voters want, and to create a criminal justice system that reflects our shared values.

For example, I want a system that is effective, fair and just. I believe the system should be focused more on education, treatment, recovery and re-entry support, and less on incarceration and punishment tactics that the research shows are more expensive and less effective. What’s so scary about that?

Monica J. Van Steenberg



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