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Letter: Arming the world

Christopher Farrar re the Second Amendment

Published on September 8, 2017 12:01AM

Advocates of Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms often support their position by arguing that if more people were armed at all times and in all places, we the citizens would be much safer than if guns were restricted or confiscated. The hypothesis is based on the belief that responsible armed citizens using overwhelming firepower would quickly neutralize any errant maniac attempting to carry out an act of terrorism using gun violence.

Should the U.S. extend the Second Amendment argument to North Korea and their very successful program to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) with nuclear warheads? After all, they just want to join the small club of nuclear armed-nations now numbering less than 10 out of 200. North Korea simply recognizes the grave danger the world is in when nations don’t arm themselves.

Won’t we all be safer now that at least one more country is properly armed? Should we be encouraging them, and helping the other 190 nations get armed? Isn’t North Korea just trying to help? Similar to when heavily armed “peace keepers” show up at rallies these days with their AKs to “protect” the public from violence. Where is your respect for the Second Amendment principle if you wish to deny North Korea its inalienable right to bear arms?

Christopher Farrar



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