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Letter: Expect more from Marquis

Rev. Kit Ketcham re ACLU campaign

Published on September 8, 2017 12:01AM

As a voter in Clatsop County, I was excited to read about the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon “They Report to You” campaign (“ACLU puts heat on elected prosecutors,” The Daily Astorian, Aug. 29). Many people in our region don’t realize what a district attorney is, or what makes a district attorney so powerful.

I want our current district attorney, Josh Marquis, to be more in touch with the values of the voters he represents. I hope, thanks to this campaign, district attorneys like him will more often do basic things, like answering voters’ phone calls and having public policy agendas. We should expect more from people like Marquis than just maintaining the status quo.

Rev. Kit Ketcham



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