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Letter: Resist the Liar in Chief

Paul Flues re Trump

Published on September 8, 2017 12:01AM

Each day we wake up in our warm comfies, drink our warm java and think about the day ahead. Each day we are confronted by another lie, and the grandiose dreams of Mr. Donald Trump; and each day we ask ourselves, “When will this nightmare end?”

It’s not a political issue any longer, it has now become a moral issue. Are we going to let Trump take us all down into the swamp with him and his minority of supporters, or stand up for what is right and just? The true American Dream belongs to all of us, not just a few.

Trump has proven in the past, and now the present, that he is a bigot, misogynist and a racist. Is this the person we want to represent us, a walking narcissist who thinks of himself, family and cronies first? We thought he would change, so we gave him a chance.

Is this the new norm? Stirring the pot of hatred — it is now acceptable to some to follow this deplorable thinking and practice hate and bigotry. It may have always been with us, but Trump has made it acceptable to promote this ugliness in the open.

I have witnessed the pain of my Muslim friend who gets hit on the head with a water bottle flung at him on mass transit in Portland, and told to go back home. Pure evil that Trump has made acceptable through his uneducated and repulsive words. The America I want, and I believe the majority wants, is one that practices not tolerance, but acceptance of persons regardless of ethnicity, political ideology, culture, religion, social status or the person we choose to love.

It is unbelievable to me, as a believer in Christ, that anyone would see the qualities of Jesus in Trump. But these are the people who voted for him in droves. Really? What would Jesus do? It is time to stop pretending. This is not a dream, as Trump would say, it’s a stark cold lurid dream. We can stand by and look like fools to the rest of our world, or make a call for change.

I urge my fellow Americans to oppose this agenda, write your letters, post your signs, walk the walk, speak up and don’t be shamed by the minority. If we do nothing, we are complicit. Our children deserve so much better than this. Resist the Liar in Chief. History is watching; what will you tell your grandchildren?

Paul Flues II



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