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Letter: What Gearhart repeal means

Mayor Matty Brown re short-term rental vote

Published on September 22, 2017 12:01AM

Last changed on September 25, 2017 7:48AM

I have received a lot of questions on the short-term rental repeal and replace ordinance that will be on the ballot this fall, which is financed by a political firm out of California and a vacation rental management corporation. I want to be perfectly clear on what Measure 4-188 will mean for the residents of Gearhart.

A yes vote will allow unlimited short-term rentals in our single family residential zones, no septic regulations, and will get rid of state-certified safety inspections for fire and life safety.

A no vote will continue our current laws which include: a balanced and responsible cap allowing all short-term rental owners to continue to rent, adequate septic regulations to protect neighbors from high commercial use, and certified safety inspections mandating legal fire escapes to keep children, families and visitors safe.

Our current laws also allow citizens to rent multiple rooms or their entire homes for 30 days or more at any time, and allow funds from short-term rental permits to go toward our police and fire departments, through proceeds from our general fund.

I campaigned last year on keeping Gearhart the quiet residential community we all know and love. As your mayor, I made a vow to protect our citizens and I will continue to fight along side you. Our residential property values, quality of life, and sense of community are at stake.

With a no vote on Measure 4-188, we have the opportunity to end the divisiveness, keeping Gearhart from becoming an investment property community that would allow outside corporations to buy unlimited properties on any neighborhood street.

Please contact me any time, and I will go over our current law next to the repeal and replace ordinance with you, line by line. I won’t try to convince you how to vote, but will give you the facts so you can make the best choice for our future.

Mayor Matty Brown



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