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Letter: The health care mess

Raymond Gardner re health care

Published on September 29, 2017 12:01AM

How can making health care a single payer system ever happen, when America spends $3.2 trillion in health care, with a cost of $10,345 per person? Congress now wants to get rid of the problem they created by throwing it on the states. Wow, I would hate to see states handle that one.

Americans need to get the government out of health care completely, just for the fact it would stop the corruption they generate. So that leaves the hospitals, health care professionals, private companies, local governments, insurance companies and you to work out the solution.

I believe hospitals and health care professionals are working to reduce costs the best way they can. They must get away from the health insurance mentality, though. Pharmacy issues need to be resolved drastically. Private utility companies, including electrical power, natural gas, garbage, cable TV, phones, water and sewer should all be free to hospitals and health care facilities.

I agree with competition within the insurance industry, but all insurance companies must sell health care policies, no matter what — instead of four, there should be 40 — and they can cross state lines. Since insurance companies provide a community service, their investments should go back into the health care system instead of nonhealth investments, helping to reduce health care costs and provide better health care.

Insurance providers to hospitals and doctors need to be eliminated or come way down as well; if they don’t, then attorneys should pay for all our health care expenses.

We can start by eating healthier, exercise consistently, put less stress in your life (if that is possible), and a yearly checkup. You should be able to just Google up your symptoms, it will tell you what is wrong, what you need to do to correct it, fill out the prescription and send it to your local pharmacy, no doctors required.

There you go, free health care, and no act of Congress required. Or, go back to the days before health insurance ever existed, which might not be such a bad idea. I can raise chickens.

Raymond Gardner



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