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Letter: Together we grow

Tracy Erfling re Astoria Co-op

Published on September 29, 2017 12:01AM

The time is now to invest in a new Astoria Co-op. The then “community store” was one of the first businesses in town which I shopped at, and volunteered for, upon my entry into Astoria. As a long-term shopper and past board member, I am proud to see the continuing success which demands that the Astoria Co-op move toward a bigger, more beautiful and bountiful store and location.

This type of business expansion is unlike any I have seen in our area. It exemplifies the power of co-operation when members are being asked to get involved and invest in order to see a successful project come to fruition. This level of involvement and commitment from the residents of Clatsop County and beyond is inspiring; something you would you not see from the chain grocers in our area.

And why? Because co-operatives are more than the businesses they operate. They are a unique business model involving individual and family members in order to support its local community and economy. When you join a co-op you play a role in the way the business looks, feels, operates and more importantly, when it comes to a food co-op, the quality of nutrition and health it provides.

We the Astoria Co-op community were notified last week that the 4,000th member had joined; that is nearly half of our city’s population. And if that does not inspire you, then the staff of the co-op, lead by Matthew Stanley should; he is a successful leader whose passion for the co-operative movement is infectious.

I encourage those who are currently co-op members to look into investment; to join those of us who have invested to financially support something that truly fosters our local community, economy and food choices. If you haven’t found a reason to join as a co-op member, the reason is this, and the time is now. Together we grow.

Tracy Erfling



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